No End to Pushing Health-Destroying Flu/Covid Policies

According to the NYT’s exposed and discredited anti-health reporter  Apoorva Mandavilli: Kill shot boosters “increase antibody levels and help to prevent infection (sic).” They slow “the spread of” flu/covid (sic). So-called “experts (say) Americans should get a third (kill shot) as soon as possible (sic).” “(T)he immunity is transient (sic).” Boosters don’t “uniformly prevent infection... Continue Reading →

Made-in-the-USA Kazakhstan Violence?

Time and again when destabilizing events happen on the world stage, hegemon USA’s dirty hands are involved. On January 2, violence erupted in Kazakh cities — including the country’s largest, Almaty, and its capital, Nur-Sultan. Allegedly over high fuel prices,  Kazakh President, Kassym-Jomart Tokaev, promised to lower gas prices. On Wednesday, he accepted Prime Minister... Continue Reading →

Boosters Boost “Immune System Fatigue”

In late December, the pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT surprised. On December 30, Israel’s Naftali Bennett regime authorized a fourth flu/covid kill shot for individuals aged-60 and older, as well as for others considered immunosuppressed.  Days earlier, the NYT cited what it called a “panel of experts” advising the Bennett regime on kill shots and all else... Continue Reading →

US-Dominated E3 JCPOA Pretense

Begun last April, JCPOA talks in Vienna between Iran and P4+1 countries directly — along with the US indirectly — were DOA. It’s why multiple rounds achieved nothing positive, just its illusion — with no prospect for turning failure into durable success ahead. Before usurping power by the most brazen election fraud in US history,... Continue Reading →

Quelle Surprise: Another Invented Flu/Covid Strain

With millions more numbers unjabbed and unboosted throughout US/West than officially reported, more scariant than variant omicron was rolled out late last year after delta’s appearance months earlier. Were they not scariant enough to get sought numbers of mind-manipulated people throughout the US/West and elsewhere jabbed and multi-jabbed?  Were more scariant strains invented? Have they... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Solution to Record Numbers of Flu/Covid Outbreaks: More Jabs Causing Them

Based on peer-reviewed science, not politics, jabs cause health-destroying outbreaks. As mass-jabbing increases, outbreaks rise proportionately. Israeli hospitals overflow with patients ill from kill shots. The Naftali Bennett regime’s solution turned science on its head over the other way around. It approved a fourth kill shot for Israelis aged-60 and older, as well as for... Continue Reading →

Kill Shots Working As Planned

Nations at war on humanity — including against their own people — lose legitimacy. It’s the right and obligation of ordinary people to rise up and replace them. Resisting tyranny is a universal right. According to America’s Declaration of Independence: “(W)henever any form of government becomes destructive (of) life (and) liberty…it is the right of... Continue Reading →

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