Obama’s Big Lie Claiming Russia Not Combatting ISIS

Obama’s Big Lie Claiming Russia Not Combating ISIS by Stephen Lendman Obama maintains the fiction of America’s war on terrorism, a complete fabrication, suppressing its full responsibility for creating and supporting its scourge, a monstrous enemy of humanity, vital to combat, contain and eliminate. Addressing reporters at the Paris climate conference, he lied, saying no... Continue Reading →

International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

International Day of Solidarity with Palestine by Stephen Lendman International solidarity with Palestinians is commemorated on November 29 - when General Assembly members in 1947 passed Res. 181, the Palestine Partition Plan against the will of its majority population. It granted 56% of historic Palestine’s most valued land to Jews (with one-third of the population),... Continue Reading →

Israel Supports ISIS

Israel Supports ISIS by Stephen Lendman Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon earlier admitted Israeli support for ISIS and other takfiri terrorists, deceptively calling them Syrian rebels - failing to explain they’re imported from scores of countries, used as imperial foot soldiers to oust Assad, no so-called “moderates” among them. Since Obama waged war on Syria... Continue Reading →

NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks

NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks by Stephen Lendman The NYT is America’s longstanding leading voice for wealth, power and privilege exclusively - state-supportive propaganda its specialty, the most important news “fit to print” systematically suppressed. Evidence indicates attacking Paris on November 13 was a false flag, a strategically planned military operation for events now... Continue Reading →

NATO Discussing Ways to Provoke Russia Further

NATO Discussing Ways to Provoke Russia Further by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday and Wednesday, NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels on the pretext of “work(ing) on further measures to assure Turkey’s security,” and related issues, based on a nonexistent Russian threat. It sounds like a bad joke, except issues at stake are deadly serious,... Continue Reading →

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