Palestine: The Forgotten War

Palestine: The Forgotten War by Stephen Lendman Israel’s war on Palestine rages into its 7th week, extrajudicial assassinations occurring virtually daily, thousands of Palestinians wounded from live fire and other military assaults, over 1,000 civilians imprisoned for political reasons, including children and women. Sunday saw no letup. Unrestrained Israeli brutality continued. With world attention on... Continue Reading →

France Declares War on Syria

France Declares War on Syria by Stephen Lendman It was predictable. What was just a matter of when came around 48 hours after what almost certainly was a Western-orchestrated false flag Paris attack, perhaps complicit with Israel - to create a pretext for escalated Middle East war and let Netanyahu terrorize the entire Palestinian population... Continue Reading →

Putin at the G-20, Lavrov in Vienna

Putin at the G-20, Lavrov in Vienna by Stephen Lendman During an informal meeting among BRICS countries at the G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, Putin said “(w)e all understand perfectly well that coping with the terrorist threat and helping millions of people who have lost their homes, is possible only by combining the efforts of... Continue Reading →

Western Media Hype Rages Post-Paris Attacks

Western Media Hype Rages Post-Paris Attacks by Stephen Lendman Instead of reporting fully and accurately, Western media unquestioningly support the official narrative about Friday’s Paris attacks - almost certainly a state-sponsored false flag. The public is systematically lied to.  Post-Paris attacks, headlines hype fear-mongering, manipulating people to support endless wars OF terror against nations threatening... Continue Reading →

Obama and Netanyahu Rant Post-Paris Attacks

Obama and Netanyahu Rant Post-Paris Attacks by Stephen Lendman Obama and Netanyahu partner in each other’s high crimes, proliferating state terror, blaming victims for their ruthlessness. Following a meeting with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the G-20 summit, Obama vowed to “redouble” America’s war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Killing innocent people in Paris... Continue Reading →

Profile of a False Flag

Profile of a False Flag by Stephen Lendman Evidence known so far strongly indicates false flag responsibility for Friday’s Paris attacks. They’re usually identifiable the way fingerprints ID people.  They’re strategically timed, most often for what’s planned to follow. Post-9/11 horrors are well documented. America declared still ongoing war on humanity. The 9/11 incident provided... Continue Reading →

Palestine Burns While Parisians Mourn

Palestine Burns While Parisians Mourn by Stephen Lendman Israel murders, brutalizes, mass imprisons and tortures Palestinians daily - ignored by Western and Israeli media scoundrels, disgracefully blaming victims for state-sponsored high crimes, amounting to slow-motion genocide against an entire population. Parisians justifiably mourn their dead, victims of likely false flag terrorism. Worldwide sympathy supports their... Continue Reading →

Russia Reacts to Likely Paris False Flag

Russia Reacts to Likely Paris False Flag by Stephen Lendman Russia continues doing more to confront the scourge of terrorism than any other nation. America is its main proliferator - state terrorism, the worst kind, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists to help advance its imperium. US officials responded duplicitously to Friday’s Paris incident, their... Continue Reading →

Hype Following Friday’s Likely Paris False Flag

Hype Following Friday’s Likely Paris False Flag by Stephen Lendman Unsurprisingly, Western media ignored what has all the earmarks of a well-planned false flag - Washington perhaps complicit with France.  Maybe Israel was involved to justify its reign of terror on Palestine. The usual suspects were blamed (ISIS terrorists, of course) before the dust settled... Continue Reading →

Blowback or False Flag in Paris?

Blowback or False Flag in Paris? by Stephen Lendman It’s too soon to know for sure. Given French complicity with ongoing US state terror throughout the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, odds strongly favor the latter. Multiple likely well-planned Friday night attacks in Paris had a disturbing aroma to them - including France’s knee-jerk... Continue Reading →

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