Wall Street Journal Supports Putschist Ukrainian Oligarch Rule

Wall Street Journal Supports Putschist Ukrainian Oligarch Rule by Stephen Lendman Sham elections approach. They'll be held Sunday, May 25. They're illegitimate. They have no legal standing. Coup-appointed putschists are running them. Washington supports what demands rejection. So does the Wall Street Journal. It's in lockstep with putschist rule. Murdoch's world reflects presstitute power.  It... Continue Reading →

Activist Professor Denis Rancourt’s Judicial Lynching

Activist Professor Denis Rancourt's Judicial Lynching by Stephen Lendman Rancourt reflects academia's best, most competent, most responsible and bravest. He has two blog sites. Visit them for updated information. Activist Teacher and U of O Watch provide updates. They explain what most people can't imagine.  What happened to Rancourt can happen to anyone responsibly challenging... Continue Reading →

Disgraceful Security Council Resolution o Syria

Disgraceful Security Council Resolution on Syria by Stephen Lendman France proposed it. Doing so serves Washington's interests. France is a convenient US proxy. It has its own regional aims in mind. It partners in Western imperial lawlessness. Not according to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. "The members of the United Nations Security Council must unite... Continue Reading →

Putin in St. Petersburg

Putin in St. Petersburg by Stephen Lendman He addressed its 18th Economic Forum. Heads of state attended. So did other political officials, business leaders, academic and scientific community members, as well as media and numerous others. Putin was warmly received. He welcomed "traditional old friends and new guests." He welcomed everyone sharing "long-term strategic priorities... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Syria Bashing

Irresponsible Syria Bashing by Stephen Lendman Syria's June 3 presidential election approaches. It's historic. It's the Syrian Arab Republic's first ever free, fair, open presidential process. Twenty-four aspirants registered to compete. Parliamentarians Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar were approved. So was Assad. He's overwhelmingly popular. He's expected to win easily. Syrians want no one else... Continue Reading →

Kiev’s War on Freedom

Kiev's War on Freedom by Stephen Lendman Western-supported coup-appointed putschists have no legitimacy. Waging war on freedom reflects official Kiev policy. Washington endorses it. Upcoming sham May 25 elections exclude democracy from ballot choices. They're at the same time as Kiev aggression continues. They're attacking Eastern Ukrainians. They're murdering them in cold blood. So-called "anti-terrorist... Continue Reading →

Washington Risks Global War

Washington Risks Global War by Stephen Lendman This writer's edited and contributed to new book discusses what's ongoing in depth. It explains why it matters. It sheds light on what's likely coming. It's titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: Why the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III." Twenty-two distinguished analysts contributed content. They include: Robert Abele... Continue Reading →

Historic Sino/Russian Trade Deal Signed

Historic Sino/Russian Trade Deal Signed by Stephen Lendman New York Times editors ate crow. They did so without admitting it. Hours earlier they approved copy headlining "China and Russia Fail to Reach Deal on Gas Plan." It was when Russian officials said it was 98% complete. Finalizing it looked imminent. On May 21, it was... Continue Reading →

Israeli State Terror

Israeli State Terror by Stephen Lendman Every day is Kristallnacht in Palestine. Israeli security forces attack, brutalize, murder or injure nonviolent Palestinians with impunity. They're ruthless. They're lawless. It's standard practice. Crimes too grave to ignore occur multiple times daily.  Soldiers, border guards and police harass, intimidate and terrorize Palestinians ruthlessly. They hold an entire... Continue Reading →

Kiev Wages War on Free Expression

Kiev Wages War on Free Expression by Stephen Lendman It wants truth suppressed. It wants its own message alone reported. It wants fundamental freedoms eliminated altogether. Neo-Nazi fascist regimes operate this way. Ukraine is by far the region's worst. It menaces its own people.  It launched premeditated aggression. It continues against Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.... Continue Reading →

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