Business As Usual Triumphs in Greek Election

Business As Usual Triumphs in Greek Election by Stephen Lendman It’s all over but the postmortems. Western bankers, large investors and other corporate interests triumphed on Sunday as expected - over fairness, equity and justice.  Greece remains Troika occupied territory, its sovereignty and soul lost, its people assured of greater suffering than already, its economy... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Updating War Plans Against Russia

Pentagon Updating War Plans Against Russia by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US policy calls for regime change in all sovereign independent countries - by color revolutions or wars, notably targeting Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, to eliminate major rivals and control world resources, especially oil. The Pentagon maintains war plans against all targeted countries, updating them... Continue Reading →

Pressure Gets Iceland to Backtrack

Pressure Gets Iceland to Backtrack by Stephen Lendman After its capital City of Reykjavik voted to boycott Israeli products days earlier, it backtracked on Saturday - Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson telling Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RUV the decision was withdrawn. His excuse rang hollow, claiming it was “poorly prepared. In the past, I have taken... Continue Reading →

Greeks Without Choice in Sunday Election

Greeks Without Choice in Sunday Election by Stephen Lendman Greece sold its soul to Troika bandits, abandoning what its people want most - an end to punishing austerity, government representing them, not Western bankers, a chance for a better future. No matter what ruling coalition emerges from Sunday’s snap election, anti-populist business as usual will... Continue Reading →

Genocide in Yemen

Genocide in Yemen by Stephen Lendman Yemen is Obama’s war - cold-blooded genocidal slaughter and mass destruction, planned long before conflict began in late March, using Saudi Arabia, UAE, other Gulf states and Egypt to do his dirty work. Terror bombing residential neighborhoods, hospitals, schools and other non-military related targets continues.  US-Saudi enforced blockade prevents... Continue Reading →

The Big Lie About Russian Forces in Syria

The Big Lie About Russian Forces in Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington continues using Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists as US proxy foot soldiers, waging naked aggression on Syria, largely affecting millions of civilians, creating a human flood of internally and externally displaced people along with mass slaughter and destruction. Obama, John Kerry and... Continue Reading →

Mumia Denied Life-Saving Treatment

Mumia Denied Life-Saving Treatment By Stephen Lendman The state of Pennsylvania is slowly murdering longstanding political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal by willful neglect. He’s seriously ill with hepatitus C. Untreated, it can cause chronic potentially fatal liver disease. Attorneys Bret Grote and Robert J. Boyle representing Mumia say it’s “the underlying cause of his health crisis,”... Continue Reading →

US Zionist Organizations Blast Muted UN Criticism of Israeli Violence

US Zionist Organizations Blast Muted UN Criticism of Israeli Violence by Stephen Lendman Ruthless Israeli persecution of Palestinians continues daily - unrestrained violence against defenseless civilians its notable feature, state terrorism by any standard. World leaders able to make a difference do nothing to change things. Disingenuous rhetoric substitutes for action. After days of Israeli... Continue Reading →

Blood in the Streets in Occupied Palestine

Blood in the Streets in Occupied Palestine by Stephen Lendman Israel considers Palestine a free-fire zone - ruthlessly brutalizing and murdering Palestinians in cold blood unaccountably. In its weekly report on Israeli human rights abuses, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said Israel “continued…attack(ing) Palestinian civilians and their property in the occupied Palestinian territories…for... Continue Reading →

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