NYT Fake News About the Omicron Scam

Is the self-styled newspaper of record and other MSM on Pharma’s payroll? Are they paid to produce mass-jabbing commercials for health-destroying kill shots? Do they profit from doing the same thing for US anti-public health agencies? They know that when taken as directed, jabs irreparably harm health. They don’t protect as officially and otherwise claim.... Continue Reading →

Omicron Scam Featured on Sunday Propaganda Shows

Omicron tops the list of more scariant than variant flu covid strains. Earlier it was delta.  Looking ahead, a greater more scariant than variant is highly likely to rolled out in the new year to try pushing more people to self-inflict harm than already. Infesting US propaganda television shows like crabgrass besets lawns, fraudster Fauci... Continue Reading →

Russophobic Fake News Never Quits

On all things USA, the shame of the nation comes in many forms. A key one is how its MSM manipulate the public mind with fake news over the real thing. In his book, titled “The Myth of the Liberal Media,” the late Edward Herman explained that MSM “filter out news (fit) to print (or... Continue Reading →

No End to MSM Fake News About Russia

Based on state-approved talking points, MSM bashing of nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia goes on relentlessly. Making stuff up, ignoring reality is featured in Russophobic reports. According to fake news by the Washington-based, neocon infested, Institute for the Study of War (ISW): Peace and stability-promoting Russia “poses a significant threat to the US and its allies (sic).”... Continue Reading →

Israeli Aggression on New Year’s Weekend

Any pretext or none at all unjustifiably justifies Israeli aggression against blockaded/defenseless Gazans. At its discretion, the apartheid state bombs, shells, invades, and otherwise immiserates long-suffering Strip residents. Despite Israeli state terror repeating with disturbing regularity, the world community yawns and ignores its worst crimes of war and against humanity against Palestinians for the “crime”... Continue Reading →

Inventor of mRNA Technology Robert Malone MD on Being Banned by Twitter and Related Issues

A days earlier article explained that Twitter suspended Malone’s account to silence his truth-telling about flu/covid kill shots and related issues. On New Year’s weekend, he called his suspension permanent, adding: “I don’t always lose half a million followers on Twitter.” “But when I do, I gain 50 million views on (Joe) Rogan(’s)” widely followed... Continue Reading →

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