Straight Talk on Syria

Straight Talk on Syria by Stephen Lendman Syria is a sovereign independent country threatening no others, an Israeli regional rival, a thorn in the side of Washington’s hegemonic aims, an ally of Iran and Hezbollah, a victim of US imperial ruthlessness. There’s nothing civil about Obama’s war on Syria despite official claims otherwise. Conflict was... Continue Reading →

US Supports Egyptian Tyranny

US Supports Egyptian Tyranny by Stephen Lendman Egypt’s ruling junta is an illegitimate coup d’etat fascist dictatorship. In June, Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused its self-anointed strongman General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (a US War College graduate) of “flagrant abuse(s) of human rights since” seizing power in July 2013 by brute force and rigging an election... Continue Reading →

New Russian White Book on Kiev Junta Crimes in Donbass

New Russian White Book on Kiev Junta Crimes in Donbass by Stephen Lendman Two Russian White Books on Ukraine last year revealed serious regime criminality. The first issued documented: (1) Horrendous violations of human rights. (2) Interference by America and EU countries in what’s happening in Ukraine, harming its people nationwide. (3) Weapons and violent... Continue Reading →

UK Special Forces Fighting Assad in Syria

UK Special Forces Fighting Assad in Syria by Stephen Lendman On August 2, Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper headlined “SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis,” saying: “More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called... Continue Reading →

Deepening Greek Depression

Deepening Greek Depression by Stephen Lendman Greece is Exhibit A on how financial predators wreck economies for profit. Force-fed austerity is toxic, polar opposite what’s needed.  Weak economies need stimulus to stabilize, recover and grow - expansive monetary and fiscal policy. Euro straightjacket rules prevent member countries from controlling their own financial policies. It’s like... Continue Reading →

Obama Orders Airstrikes to Defend ISIS in Syria

Obama Orders Airstrikes to Defend ISIS in Syria by Stephen Lendman Previous articles explained what Western officials and media scoundrels suppress. ISIS or ISIL or IS are US recruited, trained, armed, funded and directed Pentagon proxy foot soldiers doing Obama’s dirty work - to destabilize and/or topple governments where they’re deployed. Using them is part... Continue Reading →

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