New Year, Same Old Hegemon USA Menace

New year or old, hegemon USA is an unparalleled menace to everyone yearning to breathe free at home and abroad. It’s notably been this way since the 9/11 mother of all false flags to that time. Hellishness took a giant leap forward after garden variety flu got a scary new name two years ago and... Continue Reading →

Pharma-Controlled CDC on PCR Tests

Without acknowledging that nearly all positive PCR test results are false because of how they’ve been administered at high cycles — rendering them invalid — the CDC last July said the following: Effective January 1, 2022, the agency “will withdraw the request to the (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus... Continue Reading →

NYT New Year’s Day Fake News Edition

Times editors, columnists, correspondents and contributors commemorated 2022’s first day with a fake news edition — like all other days of the year. Its editors pushed the climate change hoax. Citing notoriously unreliable unnamed sources, the Times invented a fabricated scenario of “recurring floods and droughts and fires and human misery (sic).” It pushed the... Continue Reading →

Flu/Covid News Unfit to Print or Read

On Wednesday, NYT fake news reported what it called a “US record for daily (flu/covid cases that) topped 267,000 on Tuesday (sic).” Left unexplained is that nearly all reported positive cases based on PCR tests are false.  What doesn’t detect flu/covid because of how administered and never should have been used is being abandoned in... Continue Reading →

Rupture of Russia/US Relations Likely?

Chances for improved Russia/US relations ahead are nil. Things most likely will worsen ahead, not improve. Hegemon USA targets all nations free from its control for regime change. Hot and/or cold wars are its favored strategies. Both right wings of the US war party shun diplomacy as it should be. Mass deception and betrayal on... Continue Reading →

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