Israel Joins Obama’s War on Yemen

Israel Joins Obama's War on Yemen by Stephen Lendman Obama terror-bombed Yemen throughout his tenure.He murdered hundreds of noncombatant men, women and children in cold blood. He's at it again. He's waging proxy war against Houthi rebels. He's using rogue state regional allies to do his dirty work. They ousted illegitimately US-installed puppet Abd Rabbuh... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of Nazism in Ukraine

The Scourge of Nazism in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman What millions died for to defeat during WW II is now resurgent in Europe's heartland. Fascist lunatics in Washington installed overt Nazis to run their newest client state. They're taking full advantage. They're waging naked aggression on Donbass - at present low-level ahead of renewing it... Continue Reading →

Saudis Using Banned Chemical Weapons in Yemen

Saudis Using Banned Chemical Weapons in Yemen by Stephen Lendman Saudis are some of the world's most ruthless figures. They rule with an iron fist.  They tolerate no opposition. They partner with Washington's regional wars. They were caught red-handed supplying Syrian takfiris with chemical weapons - used against defenseless civilians. They're at it again. Overnight... Continue Reading →

Saudi Blood Money for Bloodletting in Yemen

Saudi Blood Money for Bloodletting in Yemen by Stephen Lendman UN officials appealed for an immediate $274 million in desperately needed emergency humanitarian aid for Yemenis. Saudi mass murderer/King Salman offered to contribute the entire amount - while he continues daily terror-bombing, targeting civilians and exacerbating a horrific humanitarian crisis.  Billions of dollars in aid... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Group Accuses Israel of Deliberately Murdering Gazan Children

Human Rights Group Accuses Israel of Deliberately Murdering Gazan Children by Stephen Lendman A new Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) report accuses Israel of willfully killing Palestinian children during last summer's Gaza war. Around 550 children were murdered in cold blood - two-thirds under age 12. Israel considers all civilians legitimate targets. International law calls... Continue Reading →

US-Sponsored Yemeni Terror-Bombing Continues

US-Sponsored Yemeni Terror-Bombing Continues by Stephen Lendman US-planned and orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing continues into its 24th day - more intensively than earlier. Another Obama atrocity is unfolding in plain sight. Civilians are being deliberately murdered in cold blood. Some estimates put the death toll at over 2,700 - many thousands more injured. An appalling humanitarian crisis... Continue Reading →

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