A World Without War

A World Without War by Stephen Lendman Throughout this writer's entire life, US direct and/or proxy wars raged - today more than ever in multiple theaters worldwide. Imagine living over 80 years without knowing a single day of peace. Without conflict, mass slaughter and destruction.  Without valuing human life and welfare more than the spoils... Continue Reading →

Obama Betrays Iran on Nuclear Deal

Obama Betrays Iran on Nuclear Deal by Stephen Lendman One thing for sure can be said about Obama. He's consistent. He says one thing. He does another - virtually always. He predictably betrays the public trust with disturbing regularity. He flouts agreements with other nations - blaming them for his wrongdoing.  It's unsurprising he breached... Continue Reading →

Blackwater Convictions Ignore US High Crimes Against Iraq

Blackwater Convictions Ignore US High Crimes Against Iraq by Stephen Lendman On September 16, 2007, US hired Blackwater mercenaries murdered 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Nisour Square. Without provocation, they opened fire on cars carrying families. They had little reason to think they'd be held accountable. Washington grants so-called private military contractors (PMCs) blanket immunity.... Continue Reading →

Conflict Rages in Donbass

Conflict Rages in Donbass by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Donbass is Obama's war - using Ukraine's military, Nazi-infested volunteer battalions and imported paramilitaries to do his dirty work. Geneva, Minsk I and II ceasefire agreements failed. Fighting never stopped.  After Minsk II, it slowed - giving Kiev time to regroup... Continue Reading →

Famed German Author Gunter Grass Dies at Age 87

Famed German Author Gunter Grass Dies at Age 87 by Stephen Lendman Famed German writer, author, playwright, sculptor, artist, and Nobel laureate Grass was considered Germany's most celebrated literary figure during his lifetime. In 1999, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Committee members said his "frolicsome black fables portray the forgotten face of history."... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War on Yemen Risks Involving Iran

Obama's War on Yemen Risks Involving Iran by Stephen Lendman Is this what Washington and Israel intend or another example of the rule of untended consequences of reckless actions? What's ongoing in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Palestine and Ukraine dangerously resemble events preceding WW I. One nation after another got involved to help both sides. Things... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Rape of Yemen

Obama's Rape of Yemen by Stephen Lendman Obama is systematically raping Yemen - using Saudi-led terror-bombing to do his dirty work. He wants Washington regaining control over its former client state. The lives and welfare of millions of Yemenis don't matter. Israel's Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) believes "(t)he Saudi-led collective move in Yemen... Continue Reading →

Yankee Imperialism in Panama

Yankee Imperialism in Panama by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, the 7th annual Summit of the Americas concluded in Panama - a longtime US colony. Cuba participated for the first time since the inaugural 1994 event in Miami. Obama met Cuba's President Raul Castro - the first meeting between a US president and Cuban leader since... Continue Reading →

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