Game Changer

From the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 coup in Kiev — to Ukraine’s Pentagon/CIA initiated and directed aggression against Donbass from April 2014 through Feb. 23, 2022 — the US-controlled leadership had things its own way. The start of Russia’s liberating SMO on Feb. 24 changed everything — except US/Western managed news misinformation and disinformation on... Continue Reading →

DOJ Anti-Trump Affidavit

Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered that “before noon (EST) on Friday, August 26, 2022, the (Biden regime’s DOJ) shall file in the public docket a version of the (Trump-related) affidavit containing the redactions proposed.” What’s redacted is publicly unknown. The Biden regime wants no public knowledge revealed about Trump’s cooperation with the DOJ. Redactions conceal what... Continue Reading →

Imperial Tool Amnesty International at it Again

For AI, truth and full disclosure reporting are exceptions to the rule. Most often, the organization serves the interests of its funding sources, notably hegemon USA. On Friday, a new AI report virtually expressed support for the scourge of Ukrainian Nazis — Azov thugs, captured, detained and to face Nuremberg-style justice for ones guilty of... Continue Reading →

Nazified Ukraine: A Pentagon Military Base for Perpetual US Proxy War on Russia

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazified tyrannical rule — Ukraine lost its nation-state status. A Pentagon military base replaced it on its territory for perpetual cross-border war-making. At the same time, its Russian-speakers — comprising nearly 30% of the population — have been mistreated as fifth... Continue Reading →

The Latest MSM Fake News on Russia

MSM are bribed and otherwise enlisted to provide fake news for the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means. Russia is hegemon USA’s invented public enemy No. One. That can change at any time to focus on one or more other invented enemies. No real ones existed throughout... Continue Reading →

The Most Egregiously Diabolical Crime of ALL Time

Based on indisputable scientific evidence, state-approved/MSM proliferated claims about flu/covid mass-jabbing are worlds apart from their design to mass-exterminate unwanted millions and billions of unwanted segments of societies throughout the US/West and worldwide. Truth-telling researcher, Steve Kirsch, collected anonymous testimonies from healthcare professionals worldwide on what’s going on at medical institutions where they work —... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to increase Russian armed forces by 137,000 to  2,039,758, including 1,150,628 servicemen. The decree becomes effective on January 1, 2023, replacing an earlier one that took effect on January 1, 2018. According to Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the number of Russian contract servicemen at the end of 2015... Continue Reading →

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