Stagecrafted Puppetry

Likely stagecrafted by hegemon USA, the scene in Brussels on Thursday reflected both tragedy and farce. Two US-installed puppets recited lines scripted for them by their puppet-master in Washington. The farcical scene was tragic because of high stakes on the world stage. Similar tragedy and farce repeats in Washington whenever the White House imposter recites... Continue Reading →

Is Omicron Real or Invented?

Assigning Greek letter names to flu/covid strains is hokum. It facilitates state-sponsored/MSM-pushed fear-mongering mass deception about the most diabolical plot against public health and fundamental freedoms ever conceived.  Left unexplained is that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist. Nor are any flu/covid variants more scariant than others. All virtually alike, minor differences among them are... Continue Reading →

Russia Threatening to Invade Ukraine?

The farcical claim would be laughable if things at stake on the world stage weren’t threatening to world peace and stability because of hegemon USA’s permanent war policy on invented enemies. In unison with each other — based on US talking points — MSM push a steady drumbeat of fake news about Russian barbarians at... Continue Reading →

All Vaccines and Flu/Covid Jabs Harm Health

There is no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine for any purpose. Flu/covid jabs are polar opposite what safety and effectiveness are supposed to be all about. Designed to harm, not protect, Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs are not vaccines. They’re deceptive designated as such because US dark forces  changed the definition of... Continue Reading →

Sino/Russia Alliance on the World Stage

For the second time this year, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin discussed issues vital to their countries by video link. When last met virtually in late June, they commemorated the 20th anniversary signing of the Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation. Since 2013, both leaders discussed international and bilateral issues 37 times.... Continue Reading →

MSM Response to Sino/Russia Ties that Bind

MSM press agents for diabolical US aims never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to bash its invented enemies — notably China and Russia. According to press agent for wealth, power, privilege and US hegemonic aims NYT, Wednesday’s discussion between Xi and Putin by video link “show(ed) solidarity between two autocrats (sic).” Ignoring hegemon... Continue Reading →

Fake News Tidal Wave of Omicron Infections Ahead

Brainwashed Americans are the most over-entertained, over-distracted by bread and circuses, uninformed people worldwide. They’re the most ignorant about issues crucial to their health, well-being and rights. No matter how often their ruling regimes betray them, they’re easy marks to be misinformed, disinformed, bamboozled, scammed, and hoodwinked time and again. There’s nothing greatly scariant about... Continue Reading →

Inventing a Nonexistent Russian Threat to Ukraine

The world community of nations knows that Russia poses no threat to Ukraine or other countries. Its geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from US-dominated NATO’s forever wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies. Ignoring reality in service to his higher power in Washington, European Council president Charles Michel said the EU  prepared “a... Continue Reading →

Medical Tyranny the New Abnormal

State-sponsored/MSM supported medical tyranny is the new abnormal throughout the US/West and elsewhere worldwide. I’m greatly indebted to numerous truth-telling medical and scientific experts for teaching me what I’ve learned about all things flu/covid — a medical education I never imagined getting pre-2020 but got since then on this most cutting edge of all issues.... Continue Reading →

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