Copenhagen False Flag?

Copenhagen False Flag? by Stephen Lendman It's too early to know much about Saturday's Copenhagen killings. Rush to judgments can prove wrong.  Automatically calling these type incidents terrorist attacks is way over-the-top. On a typical Chicago weekend, multiple shootings occur. Much like in other US cities nationwide. Most go unreported. Headlines don't scream "terrorism."  We'll... Continue Reading →

Ceasefire in Donbass?

Ceasefire in Donbass? by Stephen Lendman Minsk reflects pause, not cessation of conflict. Call it a relative calm before a greater storm.  Previous articles explained a durable, sustainable peace in Donbass is pure fantasy. Two previous ceasefires were agreed on. Followed by partial cessation of hostilities, then resumption of full-scale conflict. Will this time be... Continue Reading →

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. Demonizing Russia is longstanding US policy. Presstitute media scoundrels march dutifully in lockstep.  Worse than ever now on Ukraine. Truth-telling obliterated by a daily blitzkrieg of Big Lies. A shocking display of media malpractice.  Progressive Radio News Hour guest Larry Pinkney justifiably calls their reporting "vomit."... Continue Reading →

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement by Stephen Lendman It didn't surprise. Talks were futile. Kiev straightaway breached what it agreed to.  What it didn't intend observing in the first place. Even though ceasefire and other terms don't officially take effect until February 15.  At the same time, Russia and rebels are consistently blamed for Kiev crimes.... Continue Reading →

Venezuela Foils Obama’s Coup Plot

Venezuela Foils Obama's Coup Plot by Stephen Lendman On February 12, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Obama's plot to kill him, oust his government, and seize power forcefully was thwarted. More on this below. Throughout his tenure, Obama waged war on humanity. It continues against free people everywhere.  His deplorable record might make some despots... Continue Reading →

What’s Next in Donbas?

What's Next in Donbas? by Stephen Lendman The familiar scent of betrayal clouds just concluded Minsk ceasefire talks. Like previous times when hope exceeded reality. Donbas is Obama's war. Washington controls what's ongoing. It arms, funds, trains and directs Kiev's military.  Neocons making policy want war, not peace. Chances for ending conflict are virtually nil.... Continue Reading →

Donbas Conflict Resolution in Minsk?

Donbas Conflict Resolution in Minsk? by Stephen Lendman Around midday Minsk time Thursday, Putin announced a ceasefire agreement was reached. More on this below.  Previous efforts failed. Agreements last April in Geneva and Minsk in September were followed by continued conflict. Washington and Kiev stooges it controls bear full responsibility. It's hard imagining something different... Continue Reading →

Presstitute Pro-War Chorus

Presstitute Pro-War Chorus by Stephen Lendman Presstitution in America is longstanding. The Brian Williams saga says less about him and more about a corrupted institution proliferating Big Lies on issues mattering most.  Famed journalist George Seldes (1890 - 1995) railed against against "prostitution of the press" in the 1920s and 30s. He called fourth estate... Continue Reading →

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