New Geopolitical/Financial Bombshells

New Geopolitical/Financial Bombshells by Stephen Lendman January began with a bang. Oil and other key commodity prices keep heading south. Suggesting economic weakness. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) provides "an assessment of the price of moving major raw materials by sea. Measuring demand for shipping capacity v. the supply of bulk carriers." Demand depends on... Continue Reading →

Escalated Wat on Islam

Escalated War on Islam by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, America declared war on Islam. Injustice triumphed. So did hate and fear. Muslims are fair game. US targets of choice. Britain, France, Germany and other Western partners march in lockstep against them. Waging phony war on terror. Pretext for state terror. Against targeted Muslim counties, groups and... Continue Reading →

Defiant Charlie Hebdo

Defiant Charlie Hebdo by Stephen Lendman The satirical French publication normally has a circulation of around 60,000. USA Today said its latest edition has a three million copy run.  Some reports said five million. Maybe more given heavy demand. Copies are being distributed worldwide, said AP. In 16 languages. Saying "readers in France mobbed newsstands…"... Continue Reading →

Charlie Hebdo Fallout in America

Charlie Hebdo Fallout in America by Stephen Lendman Civil liberties in America and Europe are gravely threatened. Already seriously eroded.  A previous article warned of more to come following last week's Paris killings. A mid-February White House summit will be held on Countering Violent Extremism. Expect repressive legislation to follow. Other likely policy initiatives. Ones inimical... Continue Reading →

Netsnyahu in Paris

Netanyahu in Paris by Stephen Lendman He finds ways of giving chutzpah new meaning. Gatecrashing his latest offense. Showing up where not wanted. French President Francois Hollande's national security advisor, Jacques Audibert, asked him not to come.  Through his Israeli counterpart, Yossi Cohen. Saying Sunday's event wanted to demonstrate solidarity with France.  Avoid divisive issues.... Continue Reading →

Kiev Big Lie on Ending Donbas Conflict in Two Weeks

Kiev Big Lie on Ending Donbas Conflict in Two Weeks by Stephen Lendman Washington runs things in Ukraine. It newest colony. Kiev's illegitimate puppet government serves its interests. Ruthlessly exploiting its people in the process. America wants unchallenged control over Ukraine's entire land mass. As a dagger pointed at Russia's heart. Ukraine is a pretext.... Continue Reading →

Soros and Yatsenyuk: Partners in Crime

Soros and Yatsenyuk: Partners in Crime by Stephen Lendman Arseniy Yatsenyuk is Ukraine's illegitimate US-installed prime minister. Mocking the office he holds. More on him below. George Soros is a world-class corporate predator. Making money the old-fashioned way.  Unconcerned about enormous harm he causes. Plundering nations for profit. Once saying "(a)s a market participant, I... Continue Reading →

Paris Killings Aftermath: War on Civil Liberties

Paris Killings Aftermath: War on Civil Liberties by Stephen Lendman Civil liberties in America, Britain, France, and other Western societies are gravely threatened. Already seriously eroded.  Expect more assaults on fundamental freedoms ahead. Based on the usual canards.  Protecting national security. Defending free society rights. How by enacting police state laws against them? According to... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy in Paris

Hypocrisy in Paris by Stephen Lendman Sunday headlines said huge crowds massed in Paris. Protected by "unparalleled" security, according to AP.  Including thousands of police and military forces. Along the two-mile Boulevarde Voltaire route marchers took. An "unprecedented tribute," said Reuters. Showing "unity and defiance," claimed The New York Times. "(S)olidarity following three days of... Continue Reading →

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