Escalated Kiev Aggression on Donbas

Escalated Kiev Aggression on Donbas by Stephen Lendman A previous article said Kiev never abided by its ceasefire agreed on terms. Systematically violating them straightaway. Conflict continues daily. Ongoing since Kiev launched premeditated aggression last April. Mobilizing now for escalated conflict. Supported by Washington politically, economically and militarily. With heavy weapons supplied covertly. Authorized by... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Phony Middle Class Tax Relief Plan

Obama's Phony MIddle Class Tax Relief Plan by Stephen Lendman Obama is a corporate tool. A war profiteer's dream. Super-rich Americans never had it better during his tenure. Entirely reflecting anti-populist extremism. Policies hugely benefitting Wall Street. Other corporate favorites. Wealthy investors. America's privileged class. At the expense of popular needs gone begging. Including so-called... Continue Reading →

Kiev Planning Full-Scale War on Donbas

Kiev Planning Full-Scale War on Donbas by Stephen Lendman What's ongoing should scare everyone. State-sponsored terror threatens Europe. Initiated post-Paris killings. On the pretext of fighting nonexistent homegrown terrorism. At the same time, MSM ignore Kiev's ceasefire hoax.  Ongoing dirty war rages in Europe's heartland. Donbas residents attacked. Civilian neighborhoods shelled. Killing defenseless men, women... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Netanyahu in Paris

Deconstructing Netanyahu in Paris by Stephen Lendman He gatecrashed Paris. French President Francois Hollande urged him to stay home. He wasn't wanted. He came anyway. Couldn't bear not being among other leaders. An array of world rogues. As many as 50 showed up.  Participating in phony Charlie Hebdo homage. A disgusting hypocritical display. Netanyahu muscled... Continue Reading →

US/UK Special Relationship: Partners in High Crimes Against Humanity

US/UK Special Relationship: Partners in High Crimes Against Humanity by Stephen Lendman Obama hosts British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House today. Focusing on mutual issues.  Anti-populist ones. Imperial ones. Geopolitical ones. Sinister ones. Ongoing wars. Escalation plans. Choosing new targeted countries. Stepped up cyber and other forms of surveillance. New police state... Continue Reading →

New Geopolitical/Financial Bombshells

New Geopolitical/Financial Bombshells by Stephen Lendman January began with a bang. Oil and other key commodity prices keep heading south. Suggesting economic weakness. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) provides "an assessment of the price of moving major raw materials by sea. Measuring demand for shipping capacity v. the supply of bulk carriers." Demand depends on... Continue Reading →

Escalated Wat on Islam

Escalated War on Islam by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, America declared war on Islam. Injustice triumphed. So did hate and fear. Muslims are fair game. US targets of choice. Britain, France, Germany and other Western partners march in lockstep against them. Waging phony war on terror. Pretext for state terror. Against targeted Muslim counties, groups and... Continue Reading →

Defiant Charlie Hebdo

Defiant Charlie Hebdo by Stephen Lendman The satirical French publication normally has a circulation of around 60,000. USA Today said its latest edition has a three million copy run.  Some reports said five million. Maybe more given heavy demand. Copies are being distributed worldwide, said AP. In 16 languages. Saying "readers in France mobbed newsstands…"... Continue Reading →

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