Natan Blanc: Heroic Israeli Refusnik

Natan Blanc: Heroic Israeli Refusenik by Stephen Lendman Israel's a rogue terror state. It's been so from inception. It's history is blood-drenched. It's a global menace.  It's current government is its worst ever. It prioritizes state terrorism. Palestinians live in the eye of the storm. Israeli children are indoctrinated to be warriors. They're taught to... Continue Reading →

State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War

State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War by Stephen Lendman According to Washington, terrorism is what they do, not us. Defending independent sovereignty is called terrorism. So are legitimate responses to Western/Israeli-sponsored attacks. Incidents manufactured out of whole cloth are called terrorism. In October 2011, Iran was falsely charged with plotting to kill... Continue Reading →

Murder, Inc: Official US Policy

Murder, Inc: Official US Policy by Stephen Lendman America does it wholesale and retail. Obama's wars increase body counts. They mount daily. Special forces death squads in over 120 countries add their own.  So do covert CIA agents. They're licensed to kill. They do it globally.  FBI assassins operate domestically. Doing so belies their "Fidelity,... Continue Reading →

Israel Threatens Syria

Israel Threatens Syria by Stephen Lendman Self-defense is inviolable. It's a fundamental right. International law affirms it. On May 29, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Washington supports Israel's right to defend itself.  Israeli-style defense is offense. It hasn't been attacked in 40 years. It faces no regional threats now except ones it invents. It... Continue Reading →

CIA Global Renditions

CIA Global Renditions by Stephen Lendman Extraordinary renditions include arbitrary abductions and extrajudicial transfers from one country to another. Targeted individuals are called terrorists.  Corroborating evidence isn't needed. What Washington says goes. Rogue hegemons operate that way.  International, constitutional, and US statute laws don't matter. They're spurned. Victims are guilty by accusation. It's official US... Continue Reading →

Bilderberg June 6 – 9 Conference

Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference by Stephen Lendman Its four-day meeting occurs annually. It's a rite of spring. British political economist Will Hutton calls the group the "high priests of globalization." Powerful movers and shakers have their own agenda.  They discuss key issues. They do it year round. Once annually they meet face-to-face. They... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Anti-Populist Agenda

Obama's Anti-Populist Agenda by Stephen Lendman Obama's a reliable corporate tool. He serves powerful monied interests. He spurns populist ones. He's done so throughout his tenure. He's unfit to serve. Since taking office, he targeted America's most disadvantaged. He wants deeper Medicare and Medicaid cuts than already instituted on his watch. He wants Social Security... Continue Reading →

Israel Threatens Russia

Israel Threatens Russia by Stephen Lendman Israel gives chutzpah new meaning. War on humanity defines its agenda. It's partnered with Washington's war on Syria. It's heading perhaps toward greater intervention. It warned Russia about supplying Syria with sophisticated defensive anti-aircraft missiles. It said Israel will react in response. More on that below. A previous article... Continue Reading →

Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo

Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo  by Stephen Lendman On May 27, the so-called one-year EU arms embargo on Syria's opposition ended. Officially it does so on June 1. EU nations agreed to end what never existed. Since Washington's war on Syria began in early 2011, arms flowed freely. Western-enlisted death squads get them. At... Continue Reading →

Obama: America’s Second Teflon President?

Obama: America's Second Teflon President? by Stephen Lendman New poll numbers show recent scandals haven't hurt his approval rating. According to a CNN/ORC International survey, 53% of Americans approve his job as president. Another 45% disapprove.  Throughout much of his tenure, he hovered around 50%. According to Gallup, he scored highest from January 22 -... Continue Reading →

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