Duplicitous Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems

Duplicitous Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems by Stephen Lendman MSM scoundrels suppress what people most need to know. So do right-wing think tanks. Shameless rubbish substitutes.  The New York Times is America's unofficial propaganda ministry.  Featuring managed news misinformation Big Lies. Treating readers like mushrooms. Well watered. In the dark. Unaware of what most affects them. It's... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems

Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems by Stephen Lendman Obama reacted as expected. He "congratulated the people of Ukraine on holding successful parliamentary elections…" He "commend(ed)" its government. The same illegitimate fascist putschist one he installed. He lied claiming its electoral process was "largely in line with international standards." Russia bashing Big Lies followed, saying: "it is clear... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Vietnam War History

Reinventing Vietnam War History by Stephen Lendman Pentagon commanders initiated it. A duplicitous 2015 50th anniversary commemoration. Honoring one of history's greatest crimes. Turning truth on its head. Orwell explained saying "(h)e who controls the past control the future. He who controls the present controls the past." A Pentagon web site headlines "The United State... Continue Reading →

Putin Addresses World Order Rules

Putin Addresses World Order Rules by Stephen Lendman On October 24, he spoke at the Valdai International Discussion Club's (VIDC) 11th session. Dozens of experts, historians and political analysts from 25 countries attended. Factors eroding current institutions and norms of international law were discussed. Ones affecting global political and economic conditions. Putin spoke directly and... Continue Reading →

MSM Misinformation on Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections

MSM Misinformation on Ukraine's Parliamentary Elections by Stephen Lendman Today's MSM is a lying machine. Inconvenient truths are buried.  Misinformation rubbish substitutes. Upside down reality reflects things. Illegitimate Kiev fascist putschists are called democrats. Southeastern Ukrainian freedom fighters are called terrorists. Daily events should scare everyone. Truth-tellers are vilified. So are peacemakers.  Warmakers win peace... Continue Reading →

Farcical Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections

Farcical Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections by Stephen Lendman So-called Ukrainian democracy is pure fantasy. Tyranny masquerading as rule by the people.   Sunday's snap unicameral Verkhovna Rada (parliamentary) elections reflected post-February coup business as usual.  Ukraine is a US-installed fascist dictatorship. Its so-called government has no legitimacy whatever. A previous article discussed whole families contesting for... Continue Reading →

A notice for my readers

Heading again for hospitalization. A toxin needs treating. I'll be at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Hopefully just for a few days. Watch for more articles when I'm back.

UN Gaza War Inquiry: Hold the Cheers

UN Gaza War Inquiry: Hold the Cheers On October 21, Reuters headlined "UN chief says moving ahead with Gaza war inquiry." "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday he was setting up an investigation into attacks on United Nations facilities during Israel's recent war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip and the use of... Continue Reading →

Lavrov on Russian Foreign Policy

Lavrov on Russian Foreign Policy by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what other articles stressed. He's a world-class diplomat. Polar opposite his Western counterparts. On the right side of history. John Kerry's demagogic bullying, bluster and Big Lies makes him look like a buffoon by comparison. A provocateur.  Shaming the office he holds. Caught red-handed... Continue Reading →

Turkey Murders Press TV Reporter Serena Shim

Turkey Murders Press TV Reporter Serena Shim by Stephen Lendman Turkey reflects rogue state governance. It's a NATO member. Part of Washington's war on Syria. Partnering with US crimes. Training Islamic State fighters. Doing so covertly on its territory. Smuggling them lawlessly cross-border against Assad. Stop NATO founder/editor Rick Rozoff said earlier: "If confirmation was... Continue Reading →

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