Mideast Peace Negotiators Meet

Mideast Peace Negotiators Meet by Stephen Lendman A previous article said talks through last Thursday floundered. They're close to collapse.  Breathing life into failure won't work. It hasn't for decades. It won't now. Multiple rounds of futility defined past efforts.  Israel alone benefitted. Palestinians got nothing. Same old, same old persists this time. Einstein once... Continue Reading →

Kiev Sniper Shootings: Lies v. Truth

Kiev Sniper Shootings: Lies v. Truth by Stephen Lendman Ukraine putschist authorities are illegitimate. Arsen Avakov is interim interior minister. On Thursday he lied. He pointed fingers the wrong way.  He outrageously accused Ukraine's legitimate President Viktor Yanokovych, his interior minister Vitali Zakharchenko, and Russian security elements of direct involvement in Kiev sniper shootings. "The... Continue Reading →

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Flounder

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Flounder by Stephen Lendman Last July, sham talks began. They were dead on arrival. They continue. They'll do so through an agreed on April 29 cutoff. Perhaps they'll go on weeks or months longer. Futility defines them. It bears repeating what earlier articles stressed.  Israel and Washington don't negotiate. They demand. They're... Continue Reading →

Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks

Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Peace isn't in Israel's or Washington's vocabulary. Talks with Palestinians date from the mid-1970s. Multiple rounds were dead on arrival. Hypocrisy defined them. They're the most outrageous scam in modern diplomatic history. This time is no different. Washington is hardline. It negotiates one-way. Longstanding Israeli policy is unchanged.... Continue Reading →

Reckless Russia Bashing Persists

Reckless Russia Bashing Persists by Stephen Lendman It's relentless. It persists daily. Big Lies drown out truth. Containing Russia is longstanding policy. Doing so reflects US hegemonic ambitions. Eliminating a major rival is prioritized. Marginalizing, weakening, isolating, and co-opting it is planned. Escalated tensions risk belligerent East/West confrontation. Whenever Washington wages war or plans one,... Continue Reading →

Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Planned

Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Planned by Stephen Lendman Jobar is a Damascus area suburb. On April 1, Syria's permanent UN envoy Bashir al-Jaafari said terrorists plan attacking it with chemical weapons. He knew days earlier. He sent two identical letters to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Security Council President Joy Ogwu.  He said... Continue Reading →

NATO Plans Global Dominance

NATO Plans Global Dominance by Stephen Lendman NATO was established in April 1949. It's a US imperial tool. It's been this way from inception. Washington provides the lion's share of funding. It's around 75%. Claiming a NATO "political and military alliance for peace and security" doesn't wash. It never did. It's polar opposite truth. NATO's... Continue Reading →

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