Haaretz Editors Promoting a Second Jewish Holocaust

On all things related to the flu/covid mother of all scams, Haaretz mimics its US/Western MSM counterparts. Instead of alerting Israelis to the health and freedom-destroying aim of their ruling authorities and urging resistance, Haaretz editors support what’s causing unparalleled numbers of adverse events and deaths in the country. Israel is one of the world’s... Continue Reading →

South African Doctors Expose the Omicron Scam

Doctor Angelique Coetzee MD chairs the South African Medical Association.  Commenting on what the WHO dubbed omicron, she said symptoms of about two dozen infected patients she treated are “mild.” They include “sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well,” adding: “So far, we have detected that those infected do not... Continue Reading →

Omicron Malarkey

Malarkey fed people by US/Western regimes and MSM co-conspirators about the more scariant than variant omicron is all about harming public health, not protecting it. Last Friday, the fake Biden — a know-nothing imposter masquerading as cognitively detached from reality JB — repeated fear-mongering mass deception lines scripted for him to recite about the newly... Continue Reading →

MSM Blind to the Elephant in the Room

Surging flu/covid outbreaks in Europe, parts of the US, Israel, and elsewhere were not only expected, they were likely planned. Jabs weren’t designed to protect, just the opposite. They’re all high risk and harm with no rewards. They leave individuals more vulnerable to contracting flu/covid, as well as potentially deadly diseases. The power of endless... Continue Reading →

Omicron Sequel to the Delta Hoax

Everything — repeat everything — officially claimed about all things flu/covid and fed MSM followers is false and misleading with the worst of diabolical aims in mind. Since early last year, US/Western dark forces, Pharma profiteers and MSM co-conspirators abandoned science in pursuing the mother of all state-sponsored, health and freedom-destroying scams. US/Western hospitals and... Continue Reading →

More Scariant Than Variant Omicron Fake News

Multiple strains of seasonal flu — now deceptively called covid — exist. New ones show up, especially during the annual October - May flu season. Virtually all alike, differences among them are “no more than .003%” — what former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon explained. With greatly slowed mass-jabbing... Continue Reading →

Tyranny’s Great Leap Forward on Thanksgiving Weekend

New more scariant than variant omicron was rolled out by US/Western dark forces in southern Africa to accelerate their diabolical mass-extermination/freedom destroying plans. On Friday, the imposter in the White House read the following lines scripted for him to recite via teleprompter, saying: Briefed by monster Fauci’s fake news, he ordered travel restrictions from the... Continue Reading →

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