Ban Ki-moon: Imperial Tool

Ban Ki-moon: Imperial Tool by Stephen Lendman UN Secretary-Generals pledge to uphold UN Charter provisions.  Under Chapter XV, Article 100, they're mandated "not (to) seek or receive instructions from any government or from any other authority external to the Organization." "Each Member of the United Nations undertakes to respect the exclusively international character of the... Continue Reading →

Priority One: Stopping Obama’s Rage for War

Priority One: Stopping Obama's Rage for War by Stephen Lendman He's a dangerous sociopath. He exhibits psychopathic characteristics. Psychiatrist Robert Hare says these people are "often charming." At the same time, they exhibit "a stunning lack of conscience." They prioritize self-gratification. They do it at the expense of others. They're all take. They give back... Continue Reading →

War Is America’s National Pastime

War Is America's National Pastime by Stephen Lendman America's national pastime isn't baseball. It's not other bread and circus distractions. It's one war after another. It's wars that don't end.  It's permanent ones for power and profits. Monied interests benefit most. Waging them for peace is a convenient illusion.  Humanitarian intervention is a ruse. So... Continue Reading →

Assad Pledges Full Cooperation for Peace

Assad Pledges Full Cooperation for Peace by Stephen Lendman His full cooperation isn't good enough for Washington. Obama wants regime change. He wants war. More on that below. On Thursday, Free Syrian Army head Selim Idriss rejected Russia's peace initiative.  World powers, he said, shouldn't "be satisfied only by removing the chemical weapon, which is... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Hell Bent for War on Syria

Obama's Hell Bent for War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US plans call for regime change. War is Obama's option of choice. Giving peace a chance isn't tolerated. Proxy war continues. Throughout two and half years of conflict, Washington's been supplying insurgents with weapons, funding, training and direction. CIA operatives are involved. So are... Continue Reading →

Putin Challenges Obama Responsibly

Putin Challenges Obama Responsibly by Stephen Lendman Russia's going all out to avoid war on Syria. Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavrov and other top officials are doing so responsibly.  On September 11, Putin addressed Americans and US officials directly. His New York Times op-ed headlined "A Plea for Caution From Russia," saying: "Recent events surrounding Syria... Continue Reading →

NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans

NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans by Stephen Lendman Millions worldwide owe Edward Snowden sincere gratitude. He revealed what's vital to know. He connected important dots to do so.  He revealed unconstitutional NSA spying. He did it courageously. When governments operate lawlessly, exposing wrongdoing is crucial. Doing it entails risks.  Snowden did so anyway. He... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Watch Misinformation on Syria

Human Rights Watch Misinformation on Syria by Stephen Lendman HRW and likeminded quasi-human rights/progressive groups and sources front for wealth, power and privilege. Well-known corporate foundations provide funding. They include Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Soros, and MacArthur among others. Money they supply is tainted. It's dirty.  Services rendered in return are required. Conflicts of interest are... Continue Reading →

No Change in Obama’s War Plans

No Change in Obama's War Plans by Stephen Lendman Obama's Tuesday night address didn't surprise. It featured demagogic boilerplate. Defending the indefensible took center stage.  Bombast assured business as usual. More on his speech below. War plans remain on track. They're delayed. They're not deterred. They're prioritized. Obama wants another country ravaged and destroyed.  He... Continue Reading →

Undermining Russian/Syrian Peace Deal

Undermining Russian/Syrian Peace Deal by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proposed the following: "putting (Syrian) chemical weapons storages under international control;" Syria agreeing to destroy them; signing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC); and joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). By evening, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem responded... Continue Reading →

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