Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival by Stephen Lendman So-called peace talks are fake. They're a sham. They've always been this way. Decades of talks were stillborn from inception. This time's no different.  Chances for a just peace are ZERO. Palestinians have no say. Believing otherwise defies reality. Israel deplores peace. So does Washington. They're... Continue Reading →

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of US Injustice

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of US Injustice by Stephen Lendman She's one of thousands of US political prisoners. She's well known. She committed no crimes. She's been brutalized in captivity. Mercy isn't in America's vocabulary. Rogue states operate that way. Washington's by far the worst. It reportedly agreed to Pakistan's extradition terms. Both sides will swap... Continue Reading →

What’s Next for Syria?

What's Next for Syria? by Stephen Lendman Conflict drags on interminably. Dozens or more die daily. Syrian forces outmatch Western-backed death squad terrorists. They're not rebels. They're lawless invaders.  They're US proxy fighters. They're imported from dozens of countries. They're waging war against sovereign Syrian independence. Don't expect duplicitous Western politicians or media scoundrels to... Continue Reading →

Venezuela Bashing

Venezuela Bashing by Stephen Lendman It's not new. It's longstanding. Washington targets Bolivarian principles. They shame American injustice.  Both countries are constitutional worlds apart. They're polar opposites. Venezuela reflects government of, by and for everyone equitably and fairly. America serves wealth, power and privilege alone. Venezuela's proudly independent. Chavez deserves full credit. Nicolas Maduro carries... Continue Reading →

Helen Thomas: Dead at 92

Helen Thomas: Dead at 92 by Stephen Lendman On July 20, headlines reported the news. The doyen of the White House House press corps was gone.  After a long illness, the Gridiron Club and Foundation announced her passing. She ended decades covering presidential press conferences saying, "Thank you, Mr. President." She was special. She'll be... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Duplicitous Prisoner Release Offer

Israel's Duplicitous Prisoner Release Offer by Stephen Lendman Israeli agreements, offers, and other concessions aren't worth the paper they're written on. Pledges made are systematically broken.  It happens virtually every time. Rogue states operate that way. Israel's one of the worst. It's a democracy in name only. It never was one. It's not now. It's... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing Redux

Russia Bashing Redux by Stephen Lendman At issue is independent governance. Washington tolerates it nowhere. It wants all rivals eliminated. It wants unchallenged global dominance.  It stops at nothing. It wages political, economic and hot wars achieve it. What America says goes. Washington rules apply. It demands all nations observe them. Outliers aren't tolerated. US... Continue Reading →

EU Guidelines on Israel: Part II

EU Guidelines on Israel: Part II by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed them in detail. They're largely old wine in new bottles. They're more bark than bite. They'll do virtually nothing to help long-suffering Palestinians. Occupation harshness continues. Gazans are ruthlessly besieged. West Bank and East Jerusalem communities face multiple daily Israeli incursions.  Israel... Continue Reading →

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