Ongoing Fighting in Sinai

Ongoing Fighting in Sinai by Stephen Lendman Headlines focus on Egypt. Sinai gets little attention. What's ongoing bears close watching. On July 7, Maan News headlined "Egypt army 'preparing for Sinai operation,' " saying: A "large-scale military operation" is planned. "Egyptian forces sealed more tunnels along Gaza's border." "An Egyptian military official told Ma'an the... Continue Reading →

Junta-Style Transition in Egypt

Junta-Style Transition in Egypt by Stephen Lendman Events remain fluid. They're fast-moving. Interim President Adly Mansour appointed Hazem Beblawi prime minister. He's a technocrat. He's an economics PhD. He and Mansour are pro-Western stooges. From 1965 - 1980, Beblawi held academic positions at the University of Alexandria and elsewhere. From 1980 - 1983, he was... Continue Reading →

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly by Stephen Lendman Walker's a Georgia sharecropper family daughter. She's the youngest of eight children. At Atlanta's Spellman College, she was one of Howard Zinn's students. He taught her and others: "You can't be neutral on a moving train."  "(E)vents are already moving in certain deadly directions, and to be neutral... Continue Reading →

Targeting Iran

Targeting Iran by Stephen Lendman America targets Iran. It does so ruthlessly. It's done it since 1979. It wants its sovereignty destroyed.  It wants pro-Western puppet leadership instead. It wants its independent government replaced. It wants its oil and gas, stupid. It wants unchallenged regional control. Hassan Rohani's election doesn't matter. He's Iran's President-Elect. He'll... Continue Reading →

Washington Ousted Egypt’s Morsi

Washington Ousted Egypt's Morsi by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed it. So did The New York Times. More on that below. Washington manipulates most regional events. It's dirty hands orchestrate them. Geopolitical ones matter most. In 2011, Obama officials choreographed Mubarak's ouster. They deposed Morsi in similar fashion. Michel Chossudovsky said Egypt's Supreme Council of... Continue Reading →

Syrian Opposition in Disarray

Syrian Opposition in Disarray by Stephen Lendman After 28 months of conflict, Assad defeated Washington's best laid plans. Its Syrian National Coalition (SNC) opposition lacks effective leadership. It lacks legitimacy.  It's an artificial construct. It operates extrajudicially. It resembles a gang that can't shoot straight. On July 8, another leader resigned.  After four months, self-styled... Continue Reading →

Stasi’s New Incarnation

Stasi's New Incarnation by Stephen Lendman Stasi was East Germany's secret police. It suppressed opposition to Stalinist power. It was one of the most repressive state apparatuses in modern times. When East Germany collapsed in 1989, Stasi had over 90,000 full-time employees. Another 300,000 were paid informants. They spied on East German citizens. Thousands of... Continue Reading →

Middle East Continues to Boil

Middle East Continues to Boil by Stephen Lendman A previous article called it the curse of oil and gas. Independent countries are targeted. Washington's war on Syria rages.  It's been ongoing for 28 months and counting. It continues because America, key NATO allies, Israel, and rogue Arab states pour arms into Syria. They do so... Continue Reading →

Criticizing Venezuela’s Maduro Irresponsibly

Criticizing Venezuela's Maduro Irresponsibly by Stephen Lendman A previous article explained. President Nicolas Maduro granted Snowden asylum. He did so responsibly. He did it courageously. He wants him protected from unjustifiable US persecution. "Who is the guilty one," he asked? "A young man who denounces war plans, or the US government which launches bombs and... Continue Reading →

When Is a Coup not One?

When Is a Coup not One? by Stephen Lendman "What's in a name," asked Shakespeare? A coup by any other name doesn't change things. It isn't one when it's "our coup, a 'good cause' coup," said Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins. Western diplomats are scrambling to characterize it otherwise.  Coups are called "military interventions with good... Continue Reading →

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