Flashpoint Planet Earth

The illegitimate Biden regime operates unrestrained on the world stage with the worst of diabolical aims in mind. Its dominant hardliners match or exceed Star Trek —going way beyond where their predecessors went before in waging war on humanity at home and abroad. Domestically and worldwide, they’re going all-out to obliterate public health and freedom... Continue Reading →

US/Western Global War on Health and Freedom

Doctors for Covid Ethics includes hundreds of physicians and scientists from scores of countries worldwide. Along with America’s Frontline Doctors for medicine as it should be practiced, they’re on the front lines of opposing health-destroying hazards posed by toxic flu/covid kill shots. They oppose all things flu/covid that breach medical ethics and what’s affirmed by... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Nonnegotiable Rights

With resumption of JCPOA talks approaching in days, Iran seeks and deserves what’s nonnegotiable — its international law-affirmed sovereign rights that apply to all nations. Key for Iran is what Biden regime hardliners reject — removal of all illegally imposed sanctions, an agreement with teeth against reimposing them, and full US/Western compliance with what’s mandated... Continue Reading →

Apartheid Israel’s Diabolical Agenda

From inception by slow-motion genocidal war on Palestinians, Israel became a regional menace, along with the presence of US-occupying forces. Today, ruling regimes of both countries, and their partners in high crimes against humanity, are an unparalleled global menace at home and abroad. In September at the UN General Assembly, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett waged... Continue Reading →

No Change in US Hostility Toward China Following Summit Meeting

On Monday, China’s Xi Jinping held a virtual summit with the imposter in the White House, masquerading as detached-from-reality dementia-Joe. Lofty rhetoric about pursuing cooperative relations, peaceful coexistence and complying with international obligations according to the rule of law was meaningless mumbo jumbo never observed by hegemon USA in dealings with other nations — notably... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Anti-Satellite Missile Test

Biden regime hardliners and imperial partners manufacture reasons to demonize nations unwilling to bend to their will. Monday was no exception in response to an alleged Russian anti-satellite missile test that Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin will discuss with NASA officials on Tuesday. The agency said debris passed close to the international space station after Russia... Continue Reading →

Flu/Covid Jabs Don’t Work As Claimed

Sunday on CBS News Face the Nation, former Pharma-controlled  FDA commissioner, Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb said the following: Flu/covid “is not going away. This is going to be an endemic virus that stays with us.” “(W)e may have to get (rejabbed once or twice) on an annual basis.” “We now see very clear evidence... Continue Reading →

Brazenly Illegal Biden Regime Mandate

All things flu/covid mandated or otherwise pushed are illegal, immoral, unethical, or all of the above. Unrelated to protecting and preserving public health, they’re all about destroying it, along with virtually everything just societies hold dear. Wall Street Journal editors slammed the Biden regime’s “illegal” mandate. Stressing “a withering (appellate court) rebuke,” they added: The... Continue Reading →

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