Falsified Major Media Reports on Libya

Falsified Major Media Reports on Libya - by Stephen Lendman Major media specialize in what they do best: truth inversion (aka bad fiction), not doing what journalists are supposed to do - their job, especially covering imperial wars for dominance and rich spoils. With Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) falling apart and rebel forces in... Continue Reading →

Daily Rogue State Israeli Lawlessness

Daily Rogue State Israeli Lawlessness - by Stephen Lendman It begs the question why Israelis put up with lawless governance harming them as well as Palestinians. When will weeks of social injustice outrage arouse them to embrace universal equity? Why haven't Martin Luther King's words hit home that, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands

Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands - by Stephen Lendman Unaffordable housing prices ignited mass social justice protests in Israel. At issue is settlement developments at the expense of other construction, creating a supply/demand imbalance enough to cause prices to skyrocket. Israelis demand that issue be addressed responsibly. In response, Netanyahu's government announced thousands of illegal... Continue Reading →

Economic End Times

Economic End Times - by Stephen Lendman Despite a deepening global depression, establishment economists are in denial. On June 9, the Wall Street Journal said those surveyed expected slow, steady growth through 2011, despite high US unemployment, a housing depression, European sovereign debt in crisis, and the unreported insolvency of major French and other banks.... Continue Reading →

New York Times Disinformation, Denial and Suppressing Vital Truths

New York Times Disinformation, Denial and Suppressing Vital Truths - by Stephen Lendman America's "newspaper of record" makes painful reading for alternative media consumers, knowledgeable about what Times correspondents, opinion contributors and editorial writers misreport, conceal, or lie outrageously about. For example, writer CJ Chivers' August 12 "Notes From the Front Lines" piece practically lionized... Continue Reading →

Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue

Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue - by Stephen Lendman Ongoing since mid-July, America's media hardly notice, but indeed care as evidenced by their silence to suppress mass outrage over longstanding social injustice Israelis want changed. What US print and broadcast media won't report, Israeli and other sources cover extensively, because what's ongoing is too significant... Continue Reading →

Dire State of America’s Children

Dire State of of America's Children - by Stephen Lendman A new Children's Defense Fund (CDF) report shows the dire state of children in America today. Titled, "The State of America's Children: 2011," it can be accessed in full through the following link: http://www.childrensdefense.org/child-research-data-publications/data/state-of-americas-2011.pdf Focusing mainly on 2008 - 2010, it ranked America among industrialized... Continue Reading →

Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children

Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children - by Stephen Lendman Repeatedly in many ways, the real Israel belies the myth of a free, open, democratic state. In fact, the very notion is ludicrous even to growing numbers of fed up Israelis, voting with their feet and leaving. As a result, it's no exaggeration calling Israel a... Continue Reading →

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