Public Banking Works

Public Banking Works by Stephen Lendman Publicly-owned banks work as intended. Colonial America had them for 25 years. Tax and inflation-free prosperity followed.  Money created produced economic growth. It ended when Bank of England scoundrels regained control. Public banks aren't predatory profiteers. They're not beholden to Wall Street, shareholders, or greedy corporate executives. They serve... Continue Reading →

America’s Deplorable Human Rights Record

America's Deplorable Human Rights Record by Stephen Lendman Far and away, America's human rights record is the world's worst. No other nation approaches its unprincipled history. Earlier crimes against humanity were largely internal and regional.  Twentieth century ones went global. New millennium ones elevated atrocities and other human rights abuses to an unprecedented level. It... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Says War is Peace

Netanyahu Says War is Peace by Stephen Lendman He sounds like Obama. He has delusions of Big Brother. He's turning Israel into Oceania. He believes freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Rogue leaders think and govern that way.  Netanyahu's one of the worst. Reelect him and he may destroy the Middle East and Israel... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat Jobs Report

Trick or Treat Jobs Report by Stephen Lendman Friday's headline number belies dire economic reality. Main Street's in protracted Depression. Nearly 25 million Americans are jobless.  Real unemployment approaches 23%. On November 6, Americans vote. Neither candidate proposed ways to create jobs. Obama's done more to destroy them than create them. More on that below.... Continue Reading →

Vote Independent or Stay Home

Vote Independent or Stay Home by Stephen Lendman Voting for Obama or Romney is like choosing between death by hanging or firing squad. Either way you're dead. The same goes for choosing Republicans or Democrats. Each party replicates the other. On issues mattering most, not a dime's worth of difference separates them. They're pro-corporate, pro-war,... Continue Reading →

Good News and Bad

Good News and Bad by Stephen Lendman A personal note: As a writer and radio host, I'm often asked why I don't discuss good news. My answer is when I find some I will. Today I did, and here it is. Two previous articles discussed suppressing free expression in Greece. Targeting dissent and media freedom... Continue Reading →

Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act by Stephen Lendman Washington wages direct and proxy wars dirty. Favored allies are cold-blooded killers. Cutthroats are America's favorites. The more vicious the better. America's so-called responsibility to protect (R2P) is a license to brutalize and kill. Guns for hire willing to commit unspeakable crimes for a buck are recruited, armed,... Continue Reading →

Greece Suppresses Free Expression

Greece Suppresses Free Expression by Stephen Lendman Ordinary Greeks face deepening Depression conditions. At a time vital help is needed, force-fed austerity is policy. Corrupt governance mandates it. Severe repression targets resisters. Now they've got another woe. Press freedom isn't tolerated. A previous article explained. Whistleblower/journalist Costas Vaxevanis faces charges of violating state privacy laws.... Continue Reading →

Profile of a Police State

Profile of a Police State by Stephen Lendman For years, America has been on a fast track to tyranny. Duopoly power runs things repressively. Government of, by, and for the people never existed and doesn't now.  Homeland repression is policy. Police state laws target resisters. Elections are farcical, rigged, and illegitimate. People have no say.... Continue Reading →

Predicting Protracted Hard Times

Predicting Protracted Hard Times by Stephen Lendman It works the same way every time. Bad policies assure bad results. Prioritizing short-term profits jeopardizes long-term gains.  Force-fed austerity when stimulus is needed is madness. So is harming economies, communities, and ordinary people to save banks.  Chickens eventually come home to roost. We'll know when they arrive.... Continue Reading →

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