Congressional Anti-Mass Jabbing Legislation Introduced

A previous article discussed legislation introduced by GOP Senator Ted Cruz. The Parental Rights Protection Act “prohibit(s) certain (flu/covid jabbing) mandates for minors, and…require(s) parental consent for” them to be administered. According to international and constitutional law, along with medical ethics, parents alone may decide all things related healthcare for children too young to decide... Continue Reading →

How to Lie and Mass Deceive with Digital Ease

Big Lies and mass deception are featured by all MSM — based on state-approved talking points. The NYT has been operating this way since the mid-19th century, its fake news reports today worse than ever, especially about all things flu/covid. Virtually everything it reports on this most crucial of all issues are bald-faced Big Lies,... Continue Reading →

The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing

The NYT, WaPo, CNN, NPR, the BBC and other MSM feature state-approved propaganda exclusively on all major issues. Their aim is all about brainwashing the public to keep ordinary people uninformed and in the dark — over journalism as it should be they long ago abandoned. Following them for news and views assures being ignorant... Continue Reading →

Just Say NO!

When governments wage war on their own people, the only option is rebellion against what no one should tolerate. That’s the disturbing reality of what’s going on in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Israel, Australia and elsewhere. The time to get mad as hell and not it anymore is now.  Passivity at a time of... Continue Reading →

Pushing Kill Shots on Sunday Talk Shows

Nearly always on Sundays, one or more US anti-public health officials are given platforms to lie and deceive viewers about kill shots designed for mass-extermination. On November 7, it was fraudster/genocide-supporter Vivek Murthy’s turn in the barrel. America’s 21st surgeon general is part of the Biden regime’s flu/covid kill shot advisory board and a US... Continue Reading →

Biden Regime Behind Attempt to Kill Iraqi PM?

On Sunday, three attack drones were launched to attack Iraqi Prime Minster Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s residence inside Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone. According to Iraqi security authorities, two were downed before reaching their target. A third one fired missiles at Kadhimi’s residence. Damaging it and wounding several of his guards, he was unscathed. According to some... Continue Reading →

Reviled Imposter in the White House

Mind-manipulated by MSM fake news, most Americans still don’t know that the Biden regime and undemocratic Dems were elevated to power by the most brazen election fraud in US history.  As shown by polls, they do know how they’ve been betrayed and harmed by Dems — contemptuous of their health and fundamental rights. A new... Continue Reading →

Another Day, More Blows to Health and Freedom

The illegitimate Biden regime demands that everyone in companies with over 100 employees destroy their health as a condition of employment. Workers in these firms must either be jabbed with health-destroying toxins by January 4 or be regularly tested. OSHA is charged with administering a so-called “emergency temporary standard.”  Looking ahead, it’s virtually sure to... Continue Reading →

A Pyrrhic Victory or Positive Sign?

One rose does not a summer make. One judicial ruling that upholds the rule of law does not turn the tide against a tsunami of others that went the other way on all things flu/covid. What’s gone on for nearly two years is self-evident to everyone paying attention. Demonic US/Western war on public health and... Continue Reading →

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