Growing Homelessness in America

Growing Homelessness in America - by Stephen LendmanIn the world's richest country, the trend is shocking, disturbing and appalling. In its 2009 report on "Hunger and Homelessness in US Cities," the US Conference of Mayors stated:"Hunger and homelessness (are) at record levels in US cities," citing an overall 26% demand increase over the past year... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Exclusion and Restriction of Goods to Gaza

Israel's Exclusion and Restriction of Goods to Gaza - by Stephen LendmanAfter Hamas was overwhelmingly elected in January 2006, Israel, Washington and the West ended all outside aid, imposed an economic embargo and sanctions, and politically isolated the new government.Stepped up repression followed, including regular IDF incursions, bombings, killings, targeted assassinations, arrests, property destruction, and... Continue Reading →

Washington-Industry Complicity Behind the Gulf Disaster

Washington - Industry Complicity Behind the Gulf Disaster - by Stephen LendmanIt's common practice in America. A government-Wall Street cabal caused the financial crisis and subsequent fallout. Now debated financial reform is a stealth scheme to let bankers self-regulate. Rogue Democrats rammed through health reform to ration care and enrich corporate providers. Defense, technology, and... Continue Reading →

Imprisoning Children for Life

Imprisoning Children for Life - by Stephen LendmanThe University of San Francisco School of Law Center for Law and Global Justice and the Frank C. Newman International Human Rights Law Clinic, in association with the Berkeley-based Human Rights Advocates, work for global abolition of juvenile life without parole (LWOP) sentencing, calling it inappropriate for children... Continue Reading →

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists - by Stephen LendmanAmeer Makhoul is an Israeli citizen, human rights activist, and head of the internationally recognized Ittijah NGO, engaged in "strengthen(ing) and empower(ing) the Palestinian people within the Green Line (1.5 million Israeli citizens by) promoting the development of Palestinian civil society and advocating for political change,... Continue Reading →

Israel’s ID/Permit System

Israel's ID/Permit System - by Stephen LendmanOn April 23, Arizona's racist immigration bill became law. Called "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act," it requires proof of legal entry or citizenship or face arrest, fines, jailing, and/or deportation.Under South African apartheid, pass laws segregated blacks from whites, restricted their movements, required pass books be... Continue Reading →

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