Contagion Affects Europe

Contagion Affects Europe by Stephen Lendman Europe keeps sinking deeper into financial crisis. Eurozone straightjacket rules force 17 dissimilar countries to live by one size fits all diktats. Flawed planning preordained eventual disaster. Monthly more systemic cracks emerge. Money creation alone prevents collapse. That game only works for so long.  An unstoppable slow motion train... Continue Reading →

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres by Stephen Lendman A Syrian documentary aired on June 9, and a June 7 report by Germany's leading broadsheet provide more evidence. Both refutes Western and scoundrel media misinformation. More on the latter below. On May 10, suburban Damascus suicide bombings killed 55 and injured hundreds. The attack happened... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue by Stephen Lendman Over 2,000 Palestinian hunger strikers redefined courage. Their willingness to die for justice was unprecedented. On May 14, an Egyptian brokered deal was reached. Strike leaders and Israel Prison Service (IPS) officials agreed on terms. They included: Israel would make specific accusations or release administrative detainees on expiration... Continue Reading →

Stepped Up Media War on Syria

Stepped Up Media War on Syria by Stephen Lendman When America goes to war or plans one, media scoundrels march in lockstep. Journalism is the first casualty. Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Cheerleading propaganda is relentless. Readers and viewers are betrayed. Imperial wars are called liberating ones. Separating fact from fiction... Continue Reading →

Targeting Bahraini Human Rights Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer

Targeting Bahraini Human Rights Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer by Stephen Lendman Since anti-Al-Khalifa protests began early last year, Al-Tajer was persecuted for defending human rights and denouncing Bahraini repression publicly. Founded in 1922, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is the oldest international human rights organization. It represents 164 member organizations in over 100 countries.... Continue Reading →

America’s Student Loan Racket

America's Student Loan Racket  by Stephen Lendman This writer's recent book titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War" includes a chapter on America's student loan racket. It discusses the issue in detail. It explains a disturbing government/corporate partnership. Students are exploited for profit. Providers are enriched. For many, rising... Continue Reading →

David Sanger’s War on Iran

David Sanger's War on Iran by Stephen Lendman Sanger is New York Times chief Washington correspondent. Previously he held other posts. He's reported on foreign policy, globalization, Asian issues, and nuclear-related ones. Cooperatively with other Times correspondents, he won two Pulitzer Prizes. Its board might consider retracting them. After Obama's 2009 inaugural address, his characterization... Continue Reading →

More Syrian Blood on Obama’s Hands

More Syrian Blood on Obama's Hands by Stephen Lendman Morning headlines again falsely accused Assad of mass killings in Qubeir village in central Hama province. Houla-style slaughter was repeated. Reports said as many as 78 civilians were killed. Half were women and children. Around 35 members of one family were murdered in cold blood.  Victims... Continue Reading →

Endangered Press Freedom in Israel

Endangered Press Freedom in Israel by Stephen Lendman America and Israel both wage wars on free and open expression. Whistleblowing journalists are targeted. Threats give others pause. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange understand Washington's wrath. So dooes Israeli journalist Anat Kam and Haaretz's national security reporter Uri Blau. Originally charged with espionage, Kam last year... Continue Reading →

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