Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered

Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered  by Stephen Lendman In America, Israel, Europe and elsewhere, supporting Palestinian rights publicly is dangerous.  In September 2010, FBI agents raided homes of Chicago and Minneapolis human rights activists. Two Chicagoans affected said 20 FBI agents ransacked their home. They and others had computers, cell phones, and other personal belongings taken.... Continue Reading →

Drone Warfare in Yemen

Drone Warfare in Yemen by Stephen Lendman Predator drones sanitize killing on the cheap compared to manned aircraft and ground troops. Teams of remote warriors work far from, and at times, closer to battlefields.  Drone pilots operate computer keyboards and multiple monitors. Sensor staff work with them. They handle TV and infrared cameras, as well... Continue Reading →

Daring to Criticize Israel

Daring to Criticize Israel by Stephen Lendman Addressing this issue responsibly risks rebuke, ostracism, or job loss. For some, it's a career ender. Scoundrel media writers and broadcasters are vulnerable. So are university professors. Joel Kovel lost his Bard College position for writing books like "Overcoming Zionism" and calling Israel "a machine for the manufacture... Continue Reading →

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard by Stephen Lendman Harvard's motto is "VERITAS (truth)." Its shield displays it. So do rings students buy.  It wasn't present at Harvard's April 19 - 20 Israel Conference (IC). Perhaps an invitation wasn't extended. IC was billed as a "first of its kind on Harvard's campus." Initiated by Israeli students, they... Continue Reading →

Dying to Live Free

Dying to Live Free by Stephen Lendman Israel's prison gulag is one of the world's most hellish. Palestinians held suffer horrifically. Inflicting pain and suffering is official Israeli policy. Rule of law principles are spurned. Virtually all Palestinians held are political prisoners. Refusing food is their only resistance weapon. The Addameer Prisoner Support group estimates... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Gulag Prison Hell

Israel's Gulag Prison Hell by Stephen Lendman For decades, Palestinians have been slaughtered, displaced, intimidated, humiliated, collectively punished, and denied equal rights as Jews. They've also been mass imprisoned.  Palestine is Israeli occupied territory. Military orders govern all aspects of daily life. Democratic rights are denied. Freedom is a non-starter, persecution a way of life. ... Continue Reading →

Land Day: Why It Matters

Land Day: Why It Matters by Stephen Lendman In 1948, Israel stole 78% of Palestine. In 1967, they took the rest. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict remains the longest unresolved one of our time. Long denied justice awaits. Western complicity with Israel prevents Palestinians from living free. So did Arafat's Oslo surrender. Abbas and PA cronies continue... Continue Reading →

A Nation of Morons

A Nation of Morons by Stephen Lendman Jefferson called an educated citizenry "a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." Madison warned that "A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or, perhaps both." Jack Kennedy said "The ignorance... Continue Reading →

Abbas Censors Truth

Abbas Censors Truth by Stephen Lendman Israel notoriously censors truth. Military censorship bans or sanitizes material potentially harming Israel's security. Media/government agreements comply. Some make sense like banning reports beneficial to adversaries. Others don't by suppressing information people have a right to know. For example, whatever affects their welfare and officials' crimes need revealing so... Continue Reading →

Preventing Peace to Wage War

Preventing Peace to Wage War by Stephen Lendman Obama plans more wars. The peace candidate can't get enough of them. Hawkishness defines his agenda. So does belligerently transforming independent regimes into client ones.  The business of America is war. Permanent war is policy. Peace is abhorred. Preventing it is prioritized. So is controlling Eurasia's vast... Continue Reading →

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