Criminalizing Dissent in America

Criminalizing Dissent in America - by Stephen Lendman America has a sordid repressive history. Among others, First Amendment rights are violated. It guarantees freedom of religion, expression, to petition government for redress of grievances, and right to peacefully assemble. The 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts restricted First Amendment freedoms. So did 1919 anti-communist Palmer raids,... Continue Reading →

Planned Regime Change in Iran and Syria

Planned Regime Change in Iran and Syria - by Stephen Lendman Plans are longstanding. Timing alone isn’t known. Signs suggest 2012. If sanctions, subversion, cyberwar, and targeted assassinations fail, expect hot conflict to follow. On January 9, the Washington Post quoted an anonymous US intelligence official saying America's goal for Iran is "regime change." A... Continue Reading →

Heading for More Middle East War

Heading for More Middle East War - by Stephen Lendman Washington, Israel and rogue NATO allies seem headed for ruinous wars with Iran and Syria, besides others ongoing interminably. Former State Department official/now AIPAC-linked Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) fellow Dennis Ross said: "There are consequences if you act militarily, and there's big... Continue Reading →

Racist Israeli Supreme Court Decisions

Racist Israeli Supreme Court Decisions - Stephen Lendman Two recent Israeli High Court rulings follow a disturbing trend. On January 11, divided justices ruled 6 - 5 for Israel's Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law. It denies citizenship rights to Palestinians with Israeli spouses. Enacted in 2003 as temporary legislation, it was extended twice after... Continue Reading →

Obama Sending US Forces to Libya

Obama Sending US Forces to Libya - by Stephen Lendman On January 13, Cynthia McKinney said Obama has 12,000 US troops in Malta heading for Libya. Throughout 2011, Washington and rogue NATO partners committed Nuremberg level crimes. They made Libya a charnel house. Terror bombing caused massacres, mass destruction and human misery. Libya remains wracked... Continue Reading →

Waging Covert War on Iran

Waging Covert War on Iran - by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel plan regime change in Iran and Syria. Israel wants regional supremacy. Washington wants global hegemony and control of the world's strategic resources. America tolerates no independent states. Making them client ones is prioritized. Insurgent infiltrators ravaged Syria for months. Libya's model was replicated... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Global Economic Crisis

Ongoing Global Economic Crisis - by Stephen Lendman Rosy scenario optimists ignore clear-eyed analysis. Economist Paul Craig Roberts sees hard times getting harder. His "Dismal Economic Outlook For The New Year" article highlights what media scoundrels and mainstream analysts miss or suppress. Decades of imperial wars, exporting America's manufacturing base and other high-paying jobs, as... Continue Reading →

Haiti: Two Years Later

Haiti: Two Years Later - by Stephen Lendman On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a calamitous earthquake. Port-au-Prince was devastated. Property destruction and damage were extensive. As many as 300,000 or more died. Many others were injured. Impoverished Haitians enduring crushing hardships lost everything, including loved ones. Two years later, relief efforts belie unaddressed human... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Draconian Infiltration Law

Israel's Draconian Infiltration Law - by Stephen Lendman On January 10, Haaretz writer Jonathan Lis headlined, "Knesset passes (Law to Prevent Infiltration) that could put asylum seekers in jail without trial," saying: "The bill would make 'illegal' migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for 'long... Continue Reading →

Unaccountable: Private Military Contractor Abuses

Unaccountable: Private Military Contractor Abuses - by Stephen Lendman Wherever they're deployed, they're menacing and feared for good reason. Known historically by various names, they include mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, dogs of war, and Condottieri for wealthy city state leaders and the Papacy in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance Italy. Ancient Greeks and Romans... Continue Reading →

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