Freedom: An Endangered Species in America

Freedom: An Endangered Species in America - by Stephen Lendman Last September, marking the 9/11 tenth anniversary, the ACLU published a report titled, A Call to Courage: Reclaiming Our Liberties Ten Years After 9/11." Who then could have imagined America engaged in: out-of-control imperial lawlessness; torture as official policy; extraordinary renditions; targeted killings; warrantless searches;... Continue Reading →

Targeting Journalists in Iraq

Targeting Journalists in Iraq - by Stephen Lendman March 19 marks Operation Iraqi Freedom's 9th anniversary. Brutal occupation continues. Thousands of US forces remain. Obama's alleged pullout repositioned troops nearby and left many there. Moreover, an army of paramilitary killers infest the country. Overall conditions are grim, including millions of refugees, mass poverty and deprivation,... Continue Reading →

Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests

Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests - by Stephen Lendman On September, 17, 2011, US Day of organized protests in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, OR, and Austin, TX. They hoped many more would follow, grow, and spread nationwide. Indeed they have to over 1,000 large and small cities, towns, and communities. "We... Continue Reading →

Marwan Barghouti: Prisoner of Conscience

Marwan Barghouti: Prisoner of Conscience - by Stephen Lendman From March 29 - May 3, 2002, during the second Intifada, Israel conducted Operation Defensive Shield. Before Cast Lead, it was its largest military operation since June 1967 when Israel occupied Palestine. On September 23, 2001, a warrant was issued for Barghouti's arrest. On April 14,... Continue Reading →

Obama’s New Military Strategy

Obama's New Military Strategy - by Stephen Lendman Obama's January 5 Pentagon news conference reeked of duplicity like all his pronouncements. Surrounded by Joint Chiefs of Staff, hawkishness took center stage. Stressing a leaner, more agile/flexible military, he said counterterrorism, intelligence and cyberwarfare will be emphasized without sacrificing America's superiority against global enemies. So will... Continue Reading →

Libyan Violence and Instability

Libyan Violence and Instability - by Stephen Lendman NATO's killing machine ravaged a nonbelligerent country posing no threat. Tyranny replaced Jamahiriya government. Violence followed stability. On January 3, Middle East Online contributor Jay Deshnukh headlined, "Ex-rebels' war for money, power: Fierce clashes erupt in Tripoli," saying: In central Tripoli, fighting claimed two lives as "former... Continue Reading →

Promoting War on Iran

Promoting War on Iran - by Stephen Lendman In June 2009, a Brookings Institution report titled, "Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran" was a regime change policy paper. Pro-Israeli right-wing ideologues prepared it, including: (1) Martin Indyk: former US ambassador to Israel, currently Brookings foreign policy director. (2) Kenneth... Continue Reading →

Obama Plans More War

Obama Plans More War - by Stephen Lendman On January 5, Obama held a first ever administration Pentagon news conference. Its thinly veiled hawkishness explained his 2012 military agenda. Its Asia/Pacific region policy challenges China and Russia. Its Middle East presence stresses confrontation and belligerency. Globally it plans relying increasingly on naval and air power.... Continue Reading →

Systematic West Bank Settler Violence

Systematic West Bank Settler Violence - by Stephen Lendman B'Tselem's been on the story for years. Settler violence is longstanding, troubling, and largely without accountability. Since September 2000 alone (the beginning of the second Intifada), the toll includes 50 Palestinians killed. Since December 1987 (the first Intifada's onset), it's 115, besides many more injured, including... Continue Reading →

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