Important New Information on Aafia Siddiqui’s Case

Important New Information on Aafia Siddiqui's Case - by Stephen LendmanNumerous previous articles discussed how Washington/Pakistani collusion victimized her. A brief recap explains.In March 2003, after visiting her family in Karachi, Pakistan, government Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agents, in collaboration with Washington, abducted her and her three children en route to the airport for a flight... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Anti-Populist Budget

Obama's Anti-Populist Budget - by Stephen LendmanDespite its flaws and failures during America's Great Depression, FDR's New Deal was remarkable for what it accomplished. It helped people, put millions back to work, reinvigorated the national spirit, built or renovated 700,000 miles of roads, 7,800 bridges, 45,000 schools, 2,500 hospitals, 13,000 parks and playgrounds, 1,000 airfields,... Continue Reading →

Middle East Protests Continue

Middle East Protests Continue - by Stephen LendmanThey continue in Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, and most recently in Iran and Bahrain, Al Jazeera saying:"At least one person has been killed and several others injured after (Bahrain) riot police opened fire at protesters holding a funeral service for a man killed (a) day earlier."Police fired tear... Continue Reading →

Egypt’s Military Declares Martial Law

Egypt's Military Declares Martial Law - by Stephen LendmanWorld headlines are worrisome. On February 13, London's Guardian headlined Egypt's military rejects swift transfer of power and suspends constitution," saying:Ruling generals rejected protester demands, saying they intend "to rule by martial law until elections are held." The announcement followed suspension of constitutional rule, retention of Mubarak's... Continue Reading →

Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak’s Ouster

Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak's Ouster - by Stephen LendmanOn February 12, AFP headlined, 'Euphoria sweeps Arab cities as Mubarak ousted," saying:As news spread, jubilant crowds responded. "Across the Middle East and north Africa, loudspeakers on mosques called on citizens to rejoice in their own cities....In Lebanon, where the Cairo protests (were) reminiscent of mass anti-Syrian"... Continue Reading →

Egypt at Dawn’s Early Light

Egypt at Dawn's Early Light - by Stephen LendmanWhat's unfolding looks different than what protesters demand. World headlines partly reflect it, mostly outside America, especially on US television reporting an illusion of change, when, in fact, coup d'etat rule is in charge, headed by authoritarian generals used to giving, not taking orders.On February 13, Al... Continue Reading →

Hold the Celebration: Egypt’s Struggle Just Began

Hold the Celebration: Egypt's Struggle Just Began - by Stephen LendmanHopefully beneath celebratory euphoria, Egyptians know ousting Mubarak was simple, especially since Washington long wanted him out. Covertly with Egypt's military, it facilitated long-planned regime purging for with new faces under old policies. In other words, have everything change but stay the same, a common... Continue Reading →

Mubarak’s Failed Bait and Switch

Mubarak's Failed Bait and Switch - by Stephen LendmanOn February 10, indications were he'd step down. He didn't, but now it's official, vice president Suleiman saying he resigned, handing power to Egypt's military. A New York Times alert said "a historic popular uprising transformed politics in Egypt and around the Arab world." Times rhetoric way... Continue Reading →

Israeli and PA Forces Suppress Solidarity with Egyptians

Israeli and PA Forces Suppress Solidarity with Egyptians - by Stephen LendmanDespite Palestinian Authority (PA) officials banning anti-Mubarak demonstrations, hundreds rallied in support. On February 5, Jerusalem Post writer Khaled Abu Toameh headlined, "100s demonstrate in Ramallah in support of Egyptians," saying:Marching in Ramallah with Egyptian flags, they publicly supported them "(f)or the first time... Continue Reading →

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