Haiti Update: Electoral Runoff and Aristide’s Status

Haiti Update: Electoral Runoff and Aristide's Status - by Stephen LendmanWith world attention focused on Middle East events, mainly Egypt's, Haiti's gotten little attention despite its compelling need for real change. So far, it's nowhere in sight, nor openly discussed, or demanded like visible millions are doing abroad.Stay tuned. It may happen if visceral anger... Continue Reading →

End Game in Egypt

End Game in Egypt - by Stephen LendmanOn February 3, New York Times writers Helene Cooper and Mark Landler headlined, "White House, Egypt Discuss Plan for Mubarak's Exit," saying:His administration is "discussing with Egyptian officials a proposal for (Mubarak) to resign immediately and turn over power to a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar... Continue Reading →

El Salvador’s Sweatshop Economy

El Salvador's Sweatshop Economy - by Stephen LendmanA previous article addressed global sweatshop wage slavery, accessed through the following link:http://sjlendman.blogspot.com/2010/02/global-sweatshop-wage-slavery.htmlDefinition of a SweatshopThe term has been around since the 19th century.Definitions vary but essentially refer to workplaces where employees work for poor pay, few or no benefits, in unsafe, unfavorable, harsh, and/or hazardous environments, are... Continue Reading →

After Mubarak: What’s Next?

After Mubarak: What's Next? - by Stephen LendmanThe line from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore relates well to what's going on in Egypt, perhaps elsewhere in the region as well, saying: "Things are seldom as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream."Visceral street anger is real. What's orchestrating it, however, is suspect, especially its likely... Continue Reading →

Lawless FBI Intelligence Gathering Practices

Lawless FBI Intelligence Gathering Practices - by Stephen LendmanA new Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) report titled, "Patterns of Misconduct: FBI Intelligence Violations from 2001 - 2008" based its findings on nearly 2,500 FOIA-obtained document pages, revealing "alarming (lawless) trends...."They suggest far more frequent civil liberty violations than previously known, including:(1) grossly understated numbers;(2) long delays... Continue Reading →

Alan Dershowitz Supporting Tyranny?

Alan Dershowitz Supporting Tyranny? - by Stephen LendmanPerhaps so in his January 31 Huffington Post.com article titled, "The Egyptian Revolution May Produce a Lebanon-Type Islamic Regime," saying:"No one can confidently predict the outcome, both short and long term...." He then quoted Zhou Enlai once saying "It's too soon to say," when asked to assess the... Continue Reading →

Genocide in US and Canadian Residential Schools

Genocide in US and Canadian Residential Schools - by Stephen LendmanPart of a previous article is repeated below, followed by a summary of evidence Kevin Annett presented in his book titled, "Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present." His entire book is available free online, accessed through the following link:http://hiddennolonger.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/No-Longer-Hidden-1.pdf He calls it... Continue Reading →

Egypt’s Revolution: Obama Backing Regime Change?

Egypt's Revolution: Obama Backing Regime Change? - by Stephen LendmanIn July 2003, a USAF Institute for National Security Studies report titled, "Egypt as a Failing State: Implications for US National Security" suggested "Mubarak's traditionally autocratic and oppressive short-term fixes" weren't working. As a result, "the possibility of unrest is real; with the correct confluence of... Continue Reading →

Abusing Palestinian Children

Abusing Palestinian Children - by Stephen LendmanIsrael is an equal opportunity abuser, treating women, old men, invalids, and children like young adults because they're Palestinians, not Jews, so they're fair game, vilified as national security threats or terrorists for wanting freedom, equality, justice and peace. Numerous previous articles discussed it, several specifically on children, accessed... Continue Reading →

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