The Fix Is In: Expect Democrats to Buckle

The Fix Is In: Expect Democrats to Buckle - by Stephen LendmanThe criminal class in Washington is bipartisan. On core issues, Democrats are no different from Republicans. Expect more bluster before caving like Obama, enacting his deal with the devil worth up to $1 trillion dollars. The lion's share goes to corporations and America's wealthy,... Continue Reading →

Updating Mohamed Harkat’s Persecution

Updating Mohamed Harkat's Persecution - by Stephen LendmanAn earlier article explained. Like in America, Canada is waging war on Islam, Mohamed Harkat one of many victims used for political advantage to incite fear and mask Ottawa's support for US imperialism and war on terror, a bogus one affecting innocent victims like Harkat.Based on spurious allegations... Continue Reading →

The Dictatorship of America’s Aristocracy

The Dictatorship of America's Aristocracy - by Stephen LendmanObama's capitulation to Republicans on Bush era tax cuts and other lavish benefit extensions to wealthy Americans earning over $250,000 annually is the latest example of American Aristocracy's power over Congress, the courts, and president under both parties. Obama serves them loyally, sacrificing working class needs for... Continue Reading →

FBI Sting Entraps Another Victim

FBI Sting Entraps Another Victim - by Stephen LendmanIn December 2007, an article titled Police State America: A Look Back and Ahead discussed the growing threat, accessed through the following link: reviewed post-9/11 legislation and a blizzard of Bush Executive Orders, National and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, and other ways of enforcing police state harshness... Continue Reading →

Corporate Media’s Version of Economic Justice

Corporate Media's Version of Economic Justice - by Stephen LendmanBesides misreporting on Obama capitulating to Republicans, major media op-eds and editorials expressed support for a deal only the devil and super-rich love.On December 7, a New York Times editorial headlined, "Voting for an Odious Tax Deal," saying:No matter how disgraceful, "Democrats should vote for (it),... Continue Reading →

More on Obama’s Capitulation and Betrayal

More on Obama's Capitulation and Betrayal - by Stephen LendmanWith help from Democrats controlling both Houses, Obama put a criminal cabal in charge of furthering the greatest wealth transfer in history. In the process, he's hollowing out America, eliminating the middle class, centralizing power, eroding social services, destroying jobs and communities, and creating poverty, unemployment,... Continue Reading →

Obama Capitulates to Republicans

Obama Capitulates to Republicans - by Stephen LendmanDespite campaign pledges and President Obama opposing extending tax cuts for households earning over $250,000, another promise made was broken. At the same time, while supporting them for working Americans, he said doing so permanently is unaffordable. Unsurprisingly, a December 6 White House press release issued a "Statement... Continue Reading →

Challenging Obama’s Anti-Progressivism

Challenging Obama's Anti-Progressivism - by Stephen LendmanBelieving Obama is progressive is like calling a cat a dog. Only the delusional think so. He's, in fact, hard-right, a neocon, a warrior president, a corporatist pursuing anti-populist policies favoring wealth and privilege, not social justice when more than ever it's needed. He's a fraud, an elitist, chosen... Continue Reading →

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