Congressional Food Fascism Legislation

Congressional Food Fascism Legislation - by Stephen LendmanTwo earlier articles addressed corporate friendly legislation masquerading as pro-consumer. In fact, they'll destroy safe food, empower agribusiness and drug giants, and harm small farmers and consumers. Access them through the following links: article is a brief follow-up on where things now stand, as the Senate tries to... Continue Reading →

Killing Palestinians with Impunity

Killing Palestinians with Impunity - by Stephen LendmanWith peace talks underway in Washington; Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt; Jerusalem; then New York, Israel, almost daily, commits crimes of war and against humanity. Some of the latest include:-- air strikes against Gaza, killing two Palestinian civilians in another one;-- peaceful protesters attacked in Gaza and the West Bank;--... Continue Reading →

Growing Poverty in America

Growing Poverty in America - by Stephen LendmanThe newly released US Census report on "Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009" way understates a growing problem as do most other government data. Unemployment for one, the Labor Department's headlined (U-3) 9.6% masks the true 22% based on 1980 calculations.With America in... Continue Reading →

Obama’s New Consumer Watchdog

Obama's New Consumer Watchdog - by Stephen LendmanOn September 17, New York Times writers Jackie Calmes and Sewell Chan headlined, "Obama Picks Warren to Set Up Consumer Bureau," saying:Obama appointed Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren "to oversee" the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP) "until a director is named later. The appointment (will let... Continue Reading →

Attorney Richard I. Fine Released

Attorney Richard I. Fine Released - by Stephen LendmanAn earlier article explained his judicial lynching, accessed through the following link: longtime distinguished lawyer, detailed information about him, his career, and lawless disbarment and imprisonment can be found through the following link: the early 1990s until his disbarment and March 4, 2009 jailing, Fine challenged and... Continue Reading →

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