California Mandates Mass-Poisoning of Children

California’s Newsom regime bragged about being “first-in-the-nation” to mandate masks in schools  — that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm — along with (toxic) mass-jabbing of teachers and staff. On October 1, the regime took another great “first-in-the-nation” leap backwards by announcing its intention to mandate jabs for young children in public and private schools... Continue Reading →

Toxic Jabs GenerateFlu/Covid Outbreaks

There’s good reason why J & J whistleblowers told Project Veritas that the company’s flu/covid vaccine is hazardous to health. J & J’s Brandon Schadt stressed that “(k)ids shouldn’t get a f…ing” jab, adding: The company is “stepping in the best smelling pile of sh.t you could step in.” J & J scientist Justin Durrant... Continue Reading →

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Afghanistan

Russian Foreign Ministry’s deputy Information and Press Department director Alexey Zaytsev (AZ below) discussed US-colonized Ukraine’s aggression against the people of Donbass with no end of it in prospect because Biden regime hardliners want it continued endlessly like their predecessors. Years of Russian efforts to resolve conflict diplomatically failed because Washington wants forever war waged... Continue Reading →

Toxic Jabs Harm, Natural Immunity Prevents Infection

Days earlier, participants in a Stop the Shot conference denounced medical tyranny in the US since last year — especially since toxic mass-jabbing began. Hospitals are involved in what’s going on by following health-destroying protocols over known safe and effective flu/covid treatments. If contract the viral illness, hospitalization may be hazardous to recovery — a... Continue Reading →

Code Red Emergency or Fake News Mass Deception?

On all things flu/covid in the US/West, fake news and nothing but rubbish is fed the public daily. Truth and full-disclosure on the most crucial issue of all-time is censored, suppressed and otherwise hidden from public view by dark force officials and their MSM press agent supporters of mass-extermination and elimination of remaining freedoms. The... Continue Reading →

Merck’s Toxic Jab in Pill Form

Virtually all prescription and many over-the-counter drugs have harmful to health side effects, some mild, others more serious. In 2014, Harvard’s Center for Ethics Professor Donald W. Light explained the following: “(N)ew prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved.”  “That is why expert physicians recommend... Continue Reading →

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