WaPo Calls for Making Toxic Jabs Mandatory

The nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists. Only a distant memory remains of how things were long ago. Tyrannical rule replaced what earlier existed — perhaps an extrajudicial White House executive order or two away from becoming full-blown, in flagrant breach of international and constitutional law.  The state of the nation... Continue Reading →

The Devil Incarnate

Many US officials in high places represent the worst of humanity over its best. Their diabolical aims are hostile to what just societies hold most dear. The same holds for their likeminded partners abroad and MSM press agent supporters of pure evil, pretending otherwise, fooling no one paying attention. The head of the snake shares... Continue Reading →

War on Crucial to Know Truth-Telling Escalates

The public in US/Western countries is being carpet-bombed daily by a torrent of Big Lies and mass deception on all things flu/covid. It’s especially this way on jabs that don’t protect and cause irreversible harm when taken as directed with mass-extermination of unwanted billions of people in mind worldwide. Long before seasonal flu was deceptively... Continue Reading →

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