NYT Sunday Edition of Tramping on Truth

All the news that’s fit to print applies to truth-telling alternative media — clearly not the NYT, an infamous press agent for privileged interests and imperial rampaging over journalism as it should be. An accurate Times motto would be something like the following: All the fake news that’s unfit to print or read on major... Continue Reading →

Sergey Lavrov’s Straight-Talk Truth-Telling at the UN Security Council

When Russian officials and their allies address the Security Council, a breath of truth-telling fresh air fumigates the chamber from noxious Big Lies and mass deception by hegemon USA, its Western and other vassals. On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov’s hard-hitting, no punches pulled remarks provided cleansing disinfectant to counter the fabricated US/Western official narrative. No US/Western... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Putin’s History Lesson Ahead of Historic Vote by Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye Residents on Joining Russia

Vladimir Putin’s remarks followed his game-changing Wednesday address to the nation. He set the record straight on how he’ll continue to counter the collective West’s diabolical aim to  undermine, weaken, isolate, destroy and partition the Russian Federation in similar fashion to how it decimated and dismantled the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. His remarks were... Continue Reading →

MSM Propaganda Machine in High Gear as Referendum Voting Begins to Join Russia

There’s no ambiguity about the UN Charter right of self-determination afforded all people everywhere. Not according undemocratic US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators. Ignoring the legal right of Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye residents to join Russia, the Biden regime’s so-called national security council strategic communications coordinator, Kirby, falsely called the process begun Friday “sham referendums... Continue Reading →

Fabricated UN Commission of Inquiry Report on Ukraine

Mandated to investigate human rights abuses, time and again COI findings turn reality on its head in support of US/Western interests — especially about its invented enemies like Russia. There’s nothing remotely “independent and impartial” about the COI. Truth and full disclosure reporting would feature torture, targeted killings and other grave abuses by Kiev Nazi... Continue Reading →

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