NYT Support for Apartheid Israel

Disdainful of Palestinian rights beyond hollow lip-service pretense otherwise, the Times supports apartheid Israel instead of denouncing its crimes of war, against humanity, as well as its ruthless persecution of Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens.  Commenting on the fake Biden’s July 13 arrival in the Jewish state, the Times said he “received (a)... Continue Reading →

Fake Biden in Apartheid Israel

Like hegemon USA and its Western vassals, Israel is a fantasy democracy, the real thing banned. Jewish state Palestinian citizens are treated like fifth column threats. Throughout Israeli history, they’ve been systematically denied rights afforded Jews — because they’re unwanted Arabs. Israeli regimes transformed Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison — terror-bombing, shelling and... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update

There’s no ambiguity about US/Western support for Nazism in Ukraine. On Wednesday, Russia’s National Defense Control Center head, Mikhail Mizintsev, explained one among countless examples, saying the following: “In the settlements of Dobroslav and Krasnoselka of the Limansky district in Odessa Region, Ukrainian militants use hospitals and ambulance stations as command posts and barracks.” “At... Continue Reading →

Soaring Made-in-the-USA Inflation

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon of too much money chasing too few goods. It’s the result of the Wall Street owned and operated Federal Reserve’s money printing madness. Since the 2008 financial crisis, trillions of dollars pumped up stock prices to the make super-rich and rich interests throughout the West and elsewhere richer than ever.... Continue Reading →

Made-in-the-USA State Terror Against Novaya Kakhovka

Pre-dawn Tuesday, a Biden regime orchestrated/Kiev implemented terrorist attack occurred on warehouses with fertilizers in the Kherson Region’s city of Novaya Kakhovka — the area liberated by Russian forces.  The incident damaged or destroyed nearby industrial and residential buildings, along with a hospital and targeted facilities. A factory for producing hydroelectric equipment was also badly... Continue Reading →

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