US Waging Undeclared War on Russia

US Waging Undeclared War on Russia by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) Republicans and undemocratic Dems are allied in waging political, economic, financial, trade, sanctions, propaganda, and/or hot wars against multiple countries worldwide. Britain, other NATO countries, and Israel partner in what’s going on, all sovereign independent nations threatened. Russia and China... Continue Reading →

Grim Middle East Reality

Grim Middle East Reality by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) US forces came to Syria, Iraq, elsewhere in the region, and virtually everywhere else worldwide to stay. Bolton and Pompeo made similar comments on Syria, indicating no timeline for withdrawal.  US forces will stay indefinitely - on the phony pretext of combatting... Continue Reading →

NewsGuard: Defending Fake News Over Truth-Telling

NewsGuard: Defending Fake News Over Truth-Telling by Stephen Lendman War on journalism the way it should be rages in the West, especially in America where major media feed news consumers a daily diet of managed news misinformation and disinformation.  Junk food news is also featured, shifting attention from vital issues to low-grade entertainment, along with... Continue Reading →

US Economic War on China

US Economic War on China by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) For Republicans and undemocratic Dems, China poses an existential threat to US global economic dominance, including the advancement of its Indo-Pacific military footprint. Washington wants China checked politically, economically, financially and militarily, Russia and Iran targeted the same way. It’s what... Continue Reading →

Reports of US Syria Pullout Greatly Exaggerated

Reports of US Syria Pullout Greatly Exaggerated  by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) Since Trump announced the pullout of US forces from Syria on December 19, not a single Pentagon military personnel was withdrawn. All that’s happened so far is the movement of equipment around on the Middle East chessboard, redeploying it,... Continue Reading →

The Great US Border Crisis Hoax

The Great US Border Crisis Hoax by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) On Friday, partial shutdown entered its 21st day, matching the longest previous one in 1995-96. Unlike then, there are no signs of imminent resolution. Both sides of the aisle share blame for what’s going on. Things could go on much... Continue Reading →

Trump Regime’s No-Pullout/Pullout from Syria

Trump Regime’s No-Pullout/Pullout from Syria by Stephen Lendman US forces deployed worldwide came to stay, especially in war zones and nations of greatest strategic importance - except where ruling authorities prohibit deployment of foreign forces on their territory. Pompeo and Bolton run the Trump regime’s geopolitical agenda, along with the Pentagon’s joint chiefs of staff.... Continue Reading →

Turkish and Israeli Aggression in Syria

Turkish and Israeli Aggression in Syria by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) Trump’s pullout announcement changed nothing. The US came to Syria to stay - 18 or more Pentagon bases built for permanent occupation, new ones being constructed, including cross-border in Iraq.  Israel continues its undeclared war on the Syrian Arab Republic... Continue Reading →

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