Al-Qaeda Allied With US-Backed Forces in Yemen

Al-Qaeda Allied With US-Backed Forces in Yemen by Stephen Lendman On May 2, the UK Independent headlined “Al-Qaeda claims it is ‘fighting alongside’ US-backed coalition forces in Yemen,” saying: Its leader in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Qasim al-Rimi “said his fighters have worked with government-allied factions…toward their common goal of (defeating) the Houthi(s).” Though he... Continue Reading →

Trump Seeking Change in Libel Laws?

Trump Seeking Change in Libel Laws? by Stephen Lendman To win defamation lawsuits, plaintiffs must prove falsified statements or information - causing material harm either negligently or willfully. A thin line at times separates free expression from defamation in America. Slander and libel laws are more defendant-friendly than the other way around. At the same... Continue Reading →

US Coup Plot Wants Venezuela’s Government Toppled

US Coup Plot Wants Venezuela’s Government Toppled by Stephen Lendman Since Hugo Chavez’s February 1999 ascension to power, Washington wanted Venezuela’s bad old days restored - fascism replacing Bolivarian social democratic freedoms. Multiple attempts failed to remove Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. For weeks, US-orchestrated street violence again rages, along with economic war since Maduro’s April... Continue Reading →

Michael Moore on Broadway

Michael Moore on Broadway by Stephen Lendman Say it isn’t so. The Great White Way theater district may never be the same again. Starting with a July preview, he’ll open on August 10 for 12 weeks, railing eight times a week in a solo production he calls “The Terms of My Surrender,” asking: “Can a... Continue Reading →

Putin/Merkel Meeting

Putin/Merkel Meeting by Stephen Lendman At a time of US responsibility for dismal East/West relations, Angela Merkel will meet one-on-one with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia on Tuesday for the first time in two years. According to the Kremlin press service, both leaders will discuss “key international problems, including the fight against terrorism, the situation... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Erdogan Meetings with Putin and Trump

Upcoming Erdogan Meetings with Putin and Trump by Stephen Lendman After consolidating dictatorial powers by a manipulated referendum, a process OSCE observers said “fell short” of international standards, citing numerous irregularities, Erdogan will meet with Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Sochi, Russia, followed by a May 16-17 meeting with Trump in Washington. He’s part of the... Continue Reading →

McMaster Threatens North Korea

McMaster Threatens North Korea by Stephen Lendman Trump, Tillerson and now National Security Advisor McMaster threatened war on North Korea - madness if Washington launches it. The USS Carl Vinson strike group is conducting military exercises with South Korean and Japanese warships in international waters off the Korean peninsula - a reckless provocation Pyongyang believes... Continue Reading →

UNESCO Resolution on Occupied Palestine

UNESCO Resolution on Occupied Palestine by Stephen Lendman A scheduled May 2 executive board vote is expected to adopt it, coinciding with Israel’s so-called independence day - the Palestinian Nakba. UNESCO says its resolution aims to safeguard “the cultural heritage of Palestine and the distinctive character of East Jerusalem.” It rightfully calls Israeli control of... Continue Reading →

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