Biden Regime Pressure on China to Break from Russia Fails

On Monday, the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan met with China’s Central Committee official/Foreign Affairs Director Yang Jiechi in Rome. According to China’s Xinhua, Yang “called on the international community to jointly support the Russia-Ukraine peace talks so that substantive results can be achieved as soon as possible.” “All parties should exercise maximum... Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Russia Bashing on a Platform of Big Lies and Mass Deception

On Monday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price once again turned truth on its head about Russia’s special operation in Ukraine since Feb. 24. He lied accusing Russia of “hitting hospitals, schools and residential buildings, pummeling infrastructure, and killing civilians (sic).” He lied claiming that Ukraine’s Nazi-infested military is fighting “bravely (sic).” He lied calling Russia’s special... Continue Reading →

The Mother of All State-Sponsored Health Destroying Scams Still Around

Still around with lots more state-sponsored destruction of public health and fundamental freedom in mind ahead, Pfizer’s unindicted mass-poisoner of countless millions, CEO Albert Bourla, said the following days earlier: “Many (more scariants than) variants are coming (sic).” Double-jabbing and boosters aren’t good enough (sic). They don’t “last very long (sic).” “It is necessary, a... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing: An MSM Obsession

Whether right or wrong, criticism based on facts reflects speech and media freedom. All things Russia bashing abandoned this standard by making stuff up in cahoots with US/Western dark forces. According to NYT fake news, back-channel US/Western talks with Russia failed because Vladimir Putin “refuse(s) to engage in any serious negotiation (sic).” Ignored by the... Continue Reading →

Empire of Lies Russia Bashing on Propaganda TV

US propaganda TV operates as a virtual state-sponsored ministry of fake news. Press agent reporting substitutes for journalism as it should be, the real thing formally banned. No furnaces exist. No ceremonial book-burnings occur. Truth and full disclosure are rhetorically “whirled away” by suppressing what’s essential for everyone to know. State-approved rubbish alone is featured... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 18

Russia warned of the following: Nazi-infested “radical(ized) Ukrainian groups (under Biden regime control) prepared potential scenarios of the use of toxic chemicals to carry out various types of provocations,” adding: Their aim is to falsely accuse Russia of using what’s banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention against Ukrainian civilians. One scenario involves destruction of containers... Continue Reading →

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that things are “progressing in strict accordance with the plan and its details are covered in depth during daily Russian Defense Ministry briefings.” Begun on February 24, Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine followed 8 years of aggression by US-supported Kiev forces on Donbass and virtual... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 17

Over the weekend, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned that foreign convoys involved in delivering weapons to Ukraine — to bog Russia down in perpetual war — are “legitimate targets.” Below is a machine translation of an RIA Novosti report about what Ryabkov announced: “The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a complete change in the... Continue Reading →

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