Nightmarish Conditions in Yemen

Nightmarish Conditions in Yemen by Stephen Lendman A report titled “Every Day Things Are Getting Worse” discusses “the impact on children of attacks on health care in Yemen.” US-backed Saudi aggression on Yemen caused the near collapse of healthcare in the country. Most medical facilities aren’t operating.  Ones still functioning face severe shortages of... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Day of Rage Announced

Palestinian Day of Rage Announced by Stephen Lendman Sustained resistance is the only way to end occupation harshness. Nothing else can work. Peace talks are dead-on-arrival each time initiated. Achieving it diplomatically with a rogue state is impossible. Israel doesn’t negotiate. It demands Palestinian submission, unconditional surrender - offering nothing in return but broken promises.... Continue Reading →

France Votes

France Votes by Stephen Lendman A state of emergency exists, declared by outgoing President Hollande in November 2015 after the Paris Charlie Hebdo/kosher market false flag attacks. At the time, Hollande called what happened “an act of war,” suspending constitutional rule, followed by lawmakers enacting France’s version of America’s Patriot Act. He and parliamentarians exploited... Continue Reading →

East Asia Nuclear Roulette

East Asia Nuclear Roulette by Stephen Lendman The UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) warned about possible nuclear war, by design or accident, calling the risk highest since the end of the Cold War. Nine nations have nukes: America, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Given heightened world tensions, especially in... Continue Reading →

Israel’s War on Syria

Israel’s War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Israel partners with America’s war on Syria, aiming for maximum slaughter, destruction, chaos, human suffering and regime change. Netanyahu supports ISIS and other terrorist groups, supplying them with weapons, other aid, and medical care for their wounded fighters in Israeli hospitals. The IDF terror-bombs Syria at its discretion,... Continue Reading →

Racist Israelis Taunt Palestinian Hunger Strikers

Racist Israelis Taunt Palestinian Hunger Strikers  by Stephen Lendman On day six of mass hunger striking, more Palestinian political prisoners joined their comrades in resisting Israeli viciousness. Their action is open-ended for justice. National hero Marwan Barghouti, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) leaders, others from Fatah and the Democratic Front for the... Continue Reading →

Is Another North Korea Nuclear Test Imminent?

Is Another North Korea Nuclear Test Imminent? by Stephen Lendman How will Washington respond if another test is conducted? Is US aggression a real or saber-rattling option? Last month, Secretary of State Tillerson said “(l)et me be very clear. The policy of strategic patience has ended. We are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security... Continue Reading →

April 4 CW Attack on Syria a False Flag

April 4 CW Attack on Syria a False Flag by Stephen Lendman Syrian forces had nothing to do with the CW attack on Khan Sheikhoun. No evidence suggests otherwise. US-supported terrorists were responsible for what happened - likely CIA orchestrated, Israel’s Mossad possibly involved. The incident was conducted to undermine conflict resolution efforts, along with... Continue Reading →

Truth-Telling From Syria Exposes Scoundrel Media Lies

Truth-Telling From Syria Exposes Scoundrel Media Lies by Stephen Lendman Since Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, using imported terrorist foot soldiers, aided by US-terror-bombing, I’ve written numerous articles, too many to count, throughout the horror inflicted on defenseless civilians. But I’ve never been to the shattered country to see firsthand what’s happening - the... Continue Reading →

The NYT Lying Machine on Syria

The NYT Lying Machine on Syria by Stephen Lendman Everything it reports about war in Syria is willful deception, disinformation, and Big Lies - what’s most important to explain suppressed. Its articles and commentaries read like US administration and Pentagon press releases, responsible journalism abandoned, fake news replacing it. The Times: “The Syrian government’s response... Continue Reading →

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