The Latest on Russia’s Liberating Campaign

Russia’s campaign since last Thursday to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine is on the right side of history. Here’s the latest on day four. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Ukraine’s 302nd anti-aircraft missile regiment in Kharkov near the border of Donbass laid down its arms. Over 470 Ukrainian military personnel surrendered. Ukraine’s war machine sustained major... Continue Reading →

NYT Fake News War on Russia

As ordered by hegemon USA and Times corporate sponsors, the broadsheet has been churning out Biden regime, Pentagon and CIA fake news talking points on all things Russia and Ukraine for days without letup. Reported “Russian bombardment of Kiev overnight” is one countless examples of fake news rubbish. Russian “bombardment” is focused solely on military... Continue Reading →

The Latest Russophobic Rubbish

Fake news defines it. Like crabgrass, fakery is everywhere throughout the US/West in temper tantrum form. Facts on the ground on all things Russia are absent in MSM reports. State-approved talking points replaced them. All propaganda, all the time is featured in Russia bashing reports by making up stuff, what’s worlds apart from reality on... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA’s Thumb in the Eye to Russia’s Legitimate Security Concerns

Days before Vladimir Putin’s demilitarized campaign began to halt Kiev’s aggression on Donbass, Sergey Lavrov commented on the Biden regime’s dismissive effrontery toward Russia’s legitimate security concerns, as follows saying: Its response made clear that hegemon US-dominated NATO intends no change in dirty business as usual on the world stage. Russia’s main security concerns were... Continue Reading →

If Words Were Weapons: Part III

When hegemon USA goes to war, plans one, or backs aggression by proxy regimes or jihadist foot soldiers like ISIS and/or Al-Qaeda, truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight. State-approved propaganda alone is proliferated — by official sources and their MSM press agents. The self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the lead offender in... Continue Reading →

Zelensky Cries Uncle?

Not exactly, but here’s the latest that won’t be the latest for long as events remain fast moving. First a reality check. Negotiating with a US-installed puppet, a powerless figure controlled by dark forces in Washington will prove a colossal waste of time. Worse still, the Kiev regime is infested with dominant Nazi extremists opposed... Continue Reading →

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