Will Trump Try Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro?

Will Trump Try Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro? by Stephen Lendman Previous Bush/Cheney and Obama administration regime change efforts failed. Washington considered Hugo Chavez a regional enemy. The same goes for current President Nicolas Maduro.  It wants him toppled, a US-installed puppet replacing him, Bolivarian fairness ended, state-owned enterprises privatized, and control gained over Venezuelan enormous... Continue Reading →

Wanting Improved Ties with Russia Considered Heresy

Wanting Improved Ties with Russia Considered Heresy by Stephen Lendman Anti-Russia sentiment in Washington matches McCarthy era witch-hunt hysteria. It’s more dangerous because of bipartisan hawks infesting Congress and the administration in key defense, national security and intelligence positions. Instead of Dwight Eisenhower warning of the dangers of the military/industrial complex in his farewell address,... Continue Reading →

The NYT Wants Trump Delegitimized and Ousted from Office

The NYT Wants Trump Delegitimized and Ousted from Office by Stephen Lendman He won. Hillary lost. It should have ended there. Yet nearly four months post-election, rage against him continues - for the wrong reasons, not the right ones. Legitimate criticism is warranted, gratuitous bashing despicable. He’s targeted for defeating media darling Hillary and rhetorically... Continue Reading →

Good, Bad and Mixed News on Syria

Good, Bad and Mixed News on Syria by Stephen Lendman First the good. Syria’s military said the historically important, strategically located city of Palmyra and surrounding areas were liberated, ISIS terrorists routed after weeks of fighting. According to Russia’s General Staff, Main Operations Department head Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, “(t)he city has been fully liberated by... Continue Reading →

US Terror-Bombs Yemen

US Terror-Bombs Yemen by Stephen Lendman Drone terror-bombings began under Bush/Cheney, continued under Obama, now under Trump, Saudi Arabia involved as a convenient US proxy. On January 29, a deadly US special forces raid on a Yemeni village massacred at least two dozen civilians, achieving nothing but deaths and destruction. Days later, Trump press secretary... Continue Reading →

Fake News Calls Russia’s Envoy to Washington a Spy

Fake News Calls Russia’s Envoy to Washington a Spy by Stephen Lendman Reckless US Russia bashing is reminiscent of US propaganda preceding all its wars, vilifying targeted countries and their leaders before attacking them. The possibility of the world’s dominant nuclear powers clashing militarily should terrify everyone. Nuclear armageddon could follow. Permanent wars reflect longstanding... Continue Reading →

Shadow Cabinet to Challenge Trump

Shadow Cabinet to Challenge Trump by Stephen Lendman It’s standard practice in Britain, not in America, a shadow cabinet never before formed to challenge a US administration. In the UK, it’s done nothing to change irresponsible governance, at least not in recent decades. Expect nothing positive from the US initiative. Why now? Why Trump? Why... Continue Reading →

AG Jeff Sessions on the Carpet Over Nothing

AG Jeff Sessions on the Carpet Over Nothing by Stephen Lendman It’s hard feeling sympathy for a man with a history of racist opposition to equal rights and protections under the law for all Americans. Still, vilifying him for conversations he apparently had with Russia’s ambassador to America, Sergey Kislyak, during the presidential campaign when... Continue Reading →

Donbass Nationalizes Oligarch Enterprises

Donbass Nationalizes Oligarch Enterprises by Stephen Lendman On March 1, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) nationalized Ukrainian oligarch enterprises - notably those owned by Rinat Akhmetov, one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen, earlier a member of its parliament. He and other oligarchs reportedly helped fund Washington’s Euromaidan coup, replacing democratic governance with... Continue Reading →

Phony Accusations of Russia Bombing US-Supported Fighters in Syria

Phony Accusations of Russia Bombing US-Supported Fighters in Syria by Stephen Lendman Commander of US forces operating illegally in Syria and Iraq, General Steven Townsend, falsely accused Russia of bombing US-backed (moderate) terrorists and Kurdish YPG fighters near Turkey’s border. Moscow’s Defense Ministry categorically denied its warplanes or Syria’s stuck areas claimed by Townsend, saying:... Continue Reading →

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