Trump v. America’s Media Deplorables

Trump v. America’s Media Deplorables by Stephen Lendman America’s media declared war on Trump straightaway after his mid-June 2015 announced White House candidacy - a glaring example of outrageous irresponsibility - advocacy, not credible journalism. Anti-Trumpism raged throughout the campaign season, continued after his electoral triumph, and remains relentless even though he’s only been POTUS... Continue Reading →

Hacked NYT Tweet Warns of Russian Attack on America

Hacked NYT Tweet Warns of Russian Attack on America by Stephen Lendman Various media reports, including by RT, reported the hacked Times Video Twitter account tweeting: “BREAKING: leaked statement from Vladimir Putin says: Russia will attack the United States with Missiles.” Sunday morning, a series of related tweets, including the above one, were removed, replaced... Continue Reading →

Trump Pledges to Address Nonexistent Iranian Threats

Trump Pledges to Address Nonexistent Iranian Threats by Stephen Lendman Trump has a worrisome blind spot on Iran, a nation threatening no one, Israel’s main rival for regional supremacy, wanting regime change, pro-Western governance replacing its sovereign independence. Candidate Trump called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran nuclear deal) disastrous, urged its revocation -... Continue Reading →

Manipulated Anti-Trump Protests

Manipulated Anti-Trump Protests by Stephen Lendman Americans need shoving to take to the streets and protest for or against anything or anyone. It doesn’t happen spontaneously. With few exceptions at most, various groups from activists to anarchists aren’t behind anti-Trump protests. Nor were women turning out in large numbers nationwide and abroad. Dark forces in... Continue Reading →

Assad on Astana Peace Talks

Assad on Astana Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Discussed in a same day article, talks are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, longer if necessary. Because of US obstructionism under Obama, multiple rounds of earlier talks failed, despite Russia’s good faith efforts for cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution. Will this time be different? It’s hard... Continue Reading →

Trump at Langley

Trump at Langley by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, Trump entered the lion’s den, visiting and speaking at CIA headquarters. The agency under departed director John Brennan wanted his scalp - delegitimized and undermined, based on phony claims of Russian US election hacking, helping him defeat Hillary. He’s now America’s 45th president. His incoming CIA director... Continue Reading →

Relentless Media War on Trump

Relentless Media War on Trump by Stephen Lendman Throughout his campaign and post-election triumph, media scoundrels bashed him relentlessly - an unprecedented war, aimed at delegitimizing and undermining him, continuing post-inauguration. Earlier The New York Times claimed his candidacy caused “serious damage…to the country (and) its reputation overseas” - ignoring 24 horrific Clinton co-presidency, Bush/Cheney... Continue Reading →

Syria Peace Talks to Begin Monday

Syria Peace Talks to Begin Monday by Stephen Lendman During six years of Obama’s war, three rounds of Geneva talks failed - because of US obstructionism. Neocons infesting Obama’s administration wanted endless war for regime change, not peace; mass slaughter and destruction, not conflict resolution; chaos, not calm. Will Trump go a different way? It’ll... Continue Reading →

Trump and Netanyahu to Speak on Sunday

Trump and Netanyahu to Speak on Sunday by Stephen Lendman They both met face-to-face before. Sunday’s phone conversation will be their first post-inauguration, Netanyahu eager to work with America’s new president. Last March, at AIPAC’s annual conference, he said he’s “a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.” He shamefully called the important Iran nuclear... Continue Reading →

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