Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada: Part II

Canadian-style democracy exists for its privileged class alone. As in the US and throughout the West, democracy as it should be is pure fantasy. Governance of, by and for all Canadians equitably — according to the rule of law — is prohibited. Draconian Trudeau regime actions officially abolished the rule of law. Police state rule... Continue Reading →

Canadians Oppose Trudeau Regime Mandates

According to CNN fake news, a “strong majority of Canadians oppose convoy protests.” Defying reality in similar fashion, the NYT falsely claimed that polls show “strong support for” draconian Trudeau regime policies. Polling data show that most Canadians are fed up with mandates, how they’re being enforced, want them lifted and normality restored. CNN, the... Continue Reading →

Perpetual Anti-Russia Hysteria

On all things Russia, Big Lies that won’t die repeat daily. Defying reality on Wednesday, interventionist Blinken turned truth on its head as follows, saying: “(W)e haven't seen any pullback of (Russian) forces (sic).” “We continue to see critical units moving toward the border, not away from the border (sic).” Indisputable evidence refutes his perversion... Continue Reading →

Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada

Canadian truckers and supporters are profiles in courage at a time when ruling regimes throughout the West are going all-out to eliminate what remains of free and open societies worldwide. Days earlier, Ottawa-based free lance journalist Rupa Subramanya spoke to scores of truckers. “(N)ot one of them sounded like an insurrectionist, white supremacist, racist or... Continue Reading →

Russian Recognition of Donbass Long Overdue

In February 2014, the Obama/Biden regime’s Maidan coup transformed democratic Ukraine into Nazi-infested fascist rule. In response, Donetsk and Lugansk held referendums weeks later for their people to decide on whether to go along or break away. Results were overwhelming. Almost 90% of Donetsk residents voted for self-determination. In Lugansk, results showed 96.2% support for... Continue Reading →

No Easing of Fake News About Russia

On Monday, troops from Russia’s Southern Military District began returning to their bases after completing long-scheduled in advance military exercises threatening no one, an announcement saying: They “completed (assigned) tasks as part of scheduled tactical exercises at combined arms practice ranges on the Crimean Peninsula (and began) returning to their permanent bases.” “(T)actical drills (were... Continue Reading →

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