Who’s Behind Istanbul’s Nightclub Attack?

Who’s Behind Istanbul’s Nightclub Attack? In 2016, Turkey experienced a spate of violent incidents, around two dozen or more authorities called terrorism - some perhaps state-sponsored or committed by parties other than those blamed. ISIS claimed responsibility for the New Year’s eve mass shootings, killing a reported 39 victims, injuring dozens more in Istanbul’s Reina... Continue Reading →

Will Trump Lift US Sanction on Russia?

Will Trump Lift US Sanctions on Russia? by Stephen Lendman Some mainstream reports indicate he can at least partly do it, but not easily unless able to convince Congress of Putin’s good intentions - despite no evidence of any wrongful geopolitical actions on his part. Claims otherwise were fabricated. What’s never explained in the mainstream... Continue Reading →

Syria Ceasefire Documents

Syria Ceasefire Documents by Stephen Lendman Putin’s announced ceasefire is the most hopeful conflict resolution prospect after nearly six years of Obama’s war, using terrorists as imperial foot soldiers. Later January peace talks will follow in Astana, Kazakhstan, then further ones in Geneva under UN auspices next month if things go as planned. All groups... Continue Reading →

Russia Transports Its Expelled Diplomats Home Safely

Russia Transports Its Expelled Diplomats Home Safely by Stephen Lendman On New Year’s day, a special plane dispatched by Vladimir Putin arrived at Dulles international airport near Washington.  Russian embassy spokesman Nikolai Lakhonin said it departed hours later for Moscow, 96 Russian nationals aboard, including 35 diplomats and family members. On Monday, Tass said “(t)he... Continue Reading →

NYT Distortions and Lies About Russian Doping

NYT Distortions and Lies About Doping in Russia by Stephen Lendman Doping is a global sports issue, not one involving athletes from a single or small group of countries.  Some take performance enhancing drugs to compete more effectively - on their own or perhaps with encouragement from teammates or coaches. Singling out Russia as an... Continue Reading →

The Ordeal of Bahraini Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab

The Ordeal of Bahraini Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab by Stephen Lendman Rajab’s redoubtable human rights activism got him hounded, threatened, detained and imprisoned under harsh conditions by ruthless Bahraini authorities. It’s a regime run much like Saudi Arabia, both countries intolerant of any justifiable challenges to their police state rule. A day after Bahrain’s... Continue Reading →

Russia Attacks Vermont?

Russia Attacks Vermont? by Stephen Lendman Sound absurd? It is, part of intense Russia bashing, a political and economic assault, risking something more serious. On New Year’s eve, the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post published an updated version of its previous fake news story. The earlier version claimed Russian hackers penetrated the US electric grid - a... Continue Reading →

Putin and Obama: Polar Opposite Yearend Remarks

Putin and Obama: Polar Opposite Yearend Remarks by Stephen Lendman Both leaders are polar opposites. Putin forthrightly urges global peace, stability, multi-world polarity and mutual cooperation among all nations.  Obama waged endless wars on humanity at home and abroad throughout his deplorable tenure - to benefit monied and political interests exclusively, no matter the cost... Continue Reading →

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