Defeating the Scourge of Ukrainian Nazism Gains Momentum

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the following: Since early Wednesday, another 771 Nazified Azov battalion thugs laid down their arms, exited Mariupol’s Azovstal plant, and surrendered to Russian forces. So far, 1,730 largely Nazified fighters chose life over certain death by remaining holed up in the facility with no chance to escape. It’s unclear... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA Using White Helmet Terrorists and ISIS in Ukraine

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA are increasingly frantic over losing the battle of Ukraine to superior Russian military strength, tactical skills and intelligence capabilities. Using poorly trained, poorly armed, unmotivated to fight Ukrainians as proxies to wage US war Russia is like matching octogenarian me against the world’s reigning heavyweight boxing title... Continue Reading →

The Latest MSM Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

US/Western populations are assaulted daily by a blitzkrieg of Russophobic fake news in support of tyrannical rule in Nazi-infested Ukraine. Supporting its cutthroat troops — their crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities ignored — NYT fake news defied reality by calling them “die-hard Ukrainian soldiers (sic).” Saying they “made a last stand against... Continue Reading →

Pharma-Controlled FDA OK’s Kill Shot Boosters for Young Kids

Cheerleading what demands denunciation, the NYT turned science on its head — again — as follows, saying: On Tuesday, the FDA “authorized (health-destroying) Pfizer…booster shots…for children 5 to 11,” adding: It’s “the latest (action) to bolster waning protection against infection (sic).” Around two-thirds of children aged 5 - 11 are unjabbed for flu/covid. Remaining unjabbed... Continue Reading →

Truth v. Fiction on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, their NATO vassals and MSM press agents can’t accept reality on the ground in Ukraine. So they pretend that badly battered and beaten Kiev forces are pushing back steadily against advancing Russian ones. Pretense is short-lived. Reality eventually sets the record straight. After pretending that Nazified Ukrainian thugs were effectively resisting... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Sound of Surrendering Nazified Ukrainian Thugs in Mariupol

They were not “evacuated” from Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant as MSM falsely reported. The US-installed and controlled Kiev regime let them surrender “to save (their) lives.” The alternative was death. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday: “(A)fter negotiations with Ukrainian military personnel (holed up) in (Mariupol’s) Azovstal plant, an agreement was reached to pull... Continue Reading →

NYT Fake News on Ukraine and the Buffalo, NY False Flag

According to NYT fake news, Nazified Azov battalion killers and torturers are Ukrainian freedom fighters. Ignoring their crimes of war, against humanity, related atrocities, and violent occupation of Mariupol since 2014 until defeated at last, the Times falsely called them “the final pocket of resistance (sic)…defende(rs) (of) the city” against Russia — instead of explaining... Continue Reading →

It’s Official: Nazi-Infested Ukraine Is a Dictatorship

Like US/Western societies, Ukraine’s self-proclaimed democracy was pure fantasy after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev. When Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, martial law in Ukraine replaced what little remained of greatly eroded freedoms. Eleven opposition parties were virtually banned by suspending them. Hardened censorship of speech, media, and academic freedom became... Continue Reading →

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