Hegemon USA v. Russia

Biden regime conflicts on multiple fronts, by hot and/or other means, at home and abroad, on invented enemies, haven’t satisfied its lust for forever wars, so watch out. Begun last April, resumed JCPOA talks in Vienna are going nowhere as expected. According to Iran’s Nour News, US-dominated Western regimes “slowed” renewed talks to a crawl... Continue Reading →

Orwellian Kill Shot Database

On Tuesday, kill shot mass surveillance leaped forward by House adoption of the Orwellian-named Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021 (HR 550)  by an overwhelming 294 - 130 margin. Dubiously called “a confidential (sic), population-based, computerized database that records (kill shot) doses administered by any health care provider to persons within the geographic area covered... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose of Omicron Fake News

Expect no end of the charade because the power of endless repetition gets most people to believe almost anything — no matter how clearly false. More scariant than variant omicron is a state-sponsored scam with greater diabolical aims in mind than already. According to the NYT’s dubious health columnist Apoorva Mandavilli, an exposed liar who... Continue Reading →

Nothing Is Off the Table

On Thursday, Biden regime press secretary Psaki said “nothing is off the table.” Referring to perhaps more draconian flu/covid policies than already ahead, her remark also applies to increasingly aggressive Biden regime policies toward Russia and other nations free from US control. At war on humanity on multiple fronts, dominant Biden regime hardliners risk confrontation... Continue Reading →

Lavrov/Blinken Meeting Much Ado About Nothing

Diplomatic outreach to hegemon USA is a profound waste of time — achieving nothing positive whenever undertaken. Yet time and again, Russia repeats the same mistake, perhaps expecting a different result that never happens. Even when something positive is achieved as in the 1980s, it’s virtually always temporary — unravelling to follow near-or-longer-term. What clearer... Continue Reading →

Omicron Scariant Fake News Takes Center Stage

The common theme of alpha, beta, gamma, delta, lambda, mu, omicron, and more of the same likely coming is unambiguous.  They’re more scariants than variants to scare hell out of maximum numbers of mind-manipulated people to self-inflict harm over nothing. They’re unrelated to an invented SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that doesn’t exist. Monster Fauci and Walensky et... Continue Reading →

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