Raucous Swearing In of Israel’s New Ruling Coalition

Raucous Swearing In of Israel’s New Ruling Coalition
by Stephen Lendman
It’s the most extremist in Israel’s history. It’s not a legitimate government of, by and for all Israelis equitably. It’s polar opposite.
It’s a racist, apartheid, fascist coalition headed by Netanyahu’s Likud party in bed with fundamentalist religious zealots. It bested other parties with only 25% support.
So-called Israeli democracy is farcical, an illusion. None whatever exists. Palestinian MKs are impotent – potted plants with no policymaking say whatever, mocked, vilified and at times openly attacked.
Netanyahu is a world-class thug – an unindicted war criminal belonging in prison for high crimes against peace.
America’s top regional ally is a lawless, fascist police state. One rogue regime supports another – a criminal alliance against peace, stability, equity and justice.
Netanyahu coalition members were sworn in Thursday night – barely after a raucous, chaotic Knesset session by a vote of 61 – 59.
His second in command in Likud, MK Gilad Erdan, refused a cabinet post as public security minister. He demanded the foreign ministry.
MK Avi Dichter refused to become deputy defense minister in charge of home front security. Thursday’s session featured constant heckling.
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog called the new regime “a circus.” He turned down the foreign ministry portfolio as enticement to join a coalition he wanted no part of. He ranted against Netanyahu, saying:
“This is not the government the people wanted,” he said. “Your partners swindled you. What you created was a circus.”
“Your way is not my way…No decent leader would join your circus.”
“This is a government without vision, without a working plan, without hope.”
Netanyahu assumed the foreign ministry portfolio himself – wanting it a bargaining chip to attract another coalition member, so far no takers.
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely will run the ministry Netanyahu formally heads. Both fundamentally oppose Palestinian statehood.
Netanyahu ludicrously said his new regime would pursue peace. Opposition MKs jeered him in response.
Palestinian MKs played a tape of Netanyahu complaining about the Arab electoral turnout. They heckled him and were expelled from the session. Free expression is not an Israeli long suit – even for parliamentarians.
Joint (Arab) List leader Ayman Odeh said “(a) black flag of racism flies over this government.” He called it disastrous for Palestinians.
Coalition ministers include Netanyahu as prime minister as well as foreign affairs and communications minister.
Likud’s Moshe Ya’alon remains defense minister. Kulanu party’s Moshe Kahlon is new finance minister.
Jewish Home party’s Naftali Bennett becomes education minister. Earlier he was Netanyahu’s economy minister.
Jewish Home’s Ayelet Shaked is new justice minister. A previous article called her one of many extremist lunatics influencing Israeli policy.
She openly supports mass slaughtering Palestinians – declaring them all state enemies. She believes genocidal Israeli wars are morally right. Other coalition members share her extremism.
Likud’s Yisrael Katz is new intelligence minister. Earlier he was transportation minister.
Likud’s Silvan becomes interior minister and deputy prime minister. He’s a former finance and foreign minister.
United Torah Judaism’s Yaakov Litzman is new health minister. Kulanu’s Yoav Galant is construction and housing minister. He’s a retired high-ranking IDF general.
Shas’ Aryeh Deri is new economy minister and development of the Negev minister. Earlier he was imprisoned for corruption and breach of trust charges.
Likud’s Yuval Steinitz becomes energy and infrastructures minister. He’s a former finance minister.
Likud’s Ze’eve Elkin is absorption minister and strategic affairs minister. He’s a former deputy foreign minister.
Likud’s Danny Danon is new science and technology minister. He’s a former deputy defense minister.
Jewish Home’s Uri Ariel becomes agriculture minister. He’s an ultranationalist former construction and housing minister.
Kulanu’s Avi Gabai is environmental protection minister. He’s a former corporate CEO.
Likud’s Miri Regev is new culture and sports minister. She’s a former chief military censor.
Likud’s Gila Gamliel is gender equality, minorities and senior citizens minister. She’s a former deputy Knesset speaker.
Shas’ David Azoulay is new religious affairs minister. He’s a former deputy interior minister.
Likud’s Benny Begin (Irgun terrorist/Likud founder Menachem Begin’s son) becomes minister without portfolio.
Likud’s Haim Katz is welfare minister. Likud’s Yariv Levin becomes public security and tourism minister. Likud’s Ofir Akunis is minister without portfolio. 
Netanyahu’s ruling coalition includes a rogue’s gallery hate-mongering racist extremists, militant fascists, and religious fundamentalist zealots.
Haaretz editors blasted it saying it’s “devoid” of anything “positive…We can only hope the new government will not last long.”
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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